Update! MSFS2020 - Schempp-Hirth Discus-2B Freeware Sailplane - V.3.3


Version 3.3
  • - Fixed Wingflex.
  • - Fixed Slip Indicator.
  • - Fixed Flight Model issues after MSFS Update.
  • - Fixed Cameras after MSFS Update.
  • - Fixed Contact Points after MSFS Update.
  • - Fixed Geometry after MSFS Update.
  • - Fixed Main NAV Screen.
  • - Fixed Variometer.
  • - Temporarily muted Variotone until futher Update.
  • - Fixed Cellphone Positioning.
  • - Added Winglex.
  • - Added Yawstring.
  • - Added External Pilot.
  • - Added Slip Indicator.
  • - Added New Gaming Livery (DadShorts Gaming)
  • - Added Working Cell Phone HTML system.
  • - Changed Dashboard HTML system.
  • - Fixed Contact Points.
  • - Closer to realistic SimPolar.
  • - Added Working Altimeter (Meters).
  • - Added 57mm VSI with Total Energy.
  • - Updated Variotone to work with Total Energy.
  • - Fixed Various External Errors (Increased FPS)
  • - Fixed Various Internal Errors (Increased FPS)
  • - Moved Panel Light Switch to Top of Flight Stick.
  • - Moved Around Dashboard.
  • - Fixed Various Animation Errors including Landing Gear.
  • - Moving Landing Gear Level Location.
  • - Fixed Landing Gear Sound.
  • - Fixed Various Material Issues.
  • - Edited the Panel Lights to Work from Sundown - Sunrise.
  • - Fixed Canopy Opening Issues.
  • - Changed name from Discus Dev Team to Aerosoar.
  • - Other Changes I can't remember at this Point.
The Schempp-Hirth Discus-2b is a Standard class glider designed by Schempp-Hirth. It was produced in Germany between 1984 and 1995 but continued production in the Czech Republic.

This is the first native glider for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, built from the ground up, over 300 hours spent on development so far. This is the result of hard work for the community and for free. This add-on is under development, as it is only in PUBLIC BETA phase.

Like any non-motorized aircraft, the glider allows you to take off and enjoy a moment of escape in peace. You live this experience with the winds. The feeling of lightness is exceptional at altitude, you will forget all your worries!

Included with full clickable cockpit, sounds and one livery. Remember to read the manual of this glider for a perfect grip.

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