[Simulator News] PMDG To Release 777 Update In Mid-February

CEO of PMDG, Robert Randazzo, has shared some more information through their forums about their upcoming content to come to Prepar3D v4/v5 simulators. The development update is mainly focused on the upcoming Boeing 777 update though as well mentions the 200ER expansion.

Randazzo mentioned that the Boeing 777 update, together with the 200ER extension, should be released in mid-February. This is not typical for PMDG, as they usually don’t announce the release dates of updates or new aircraft. It was further said on that note:

How much trouble will we cause in our already tenuous relationship with the Flight Simulator Widows Association if we drop this thing on you in time for Valentines Day?

Robert Randazzo – PMDG

In the past two weeks, the developers were busy, mainly with the beta testing of the aircraft. From the reports, the aircraft is now behaving well and is looking like a finished product.

The 200ER will have an enhanced sound pack, and the sounds of the 777 base are all-new as well, as it was with 747 back in 2017 and with 737 back in 2019. Each engine variant will have different sounds, as in the 747.

It was said, that the changelog of the 777 is incredibly long – there are hundreds and hundreds of entries. There should be a standalone thread on that topic created later on, on the PMDG forums.

No new previews were shared as well as no information was given on the pricing details. 

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  1. With due respect to PMDG.. I honestly feel like they are years behind everyone else. I am one of those people who are most happy to wait patiently for developers to bring out the best possible product.. though I'm stunned when in October 2021, I am reading about PMDG bringing out an 'update' to 777 for P3d? The whole world is moving to MSFS2020, I don't understand what's going on here.. can someone enlighten me here?


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