Flight Simulator 2020 - Dramatic Performance Drop Issues Fix

Around the time after the World Update 3 release for the Microsoft Flight Simulator, the community forums started to get reports of serious performance drop issues. Several Flight Simulator pilots are reporting huge FPS drops from like a solid 50 FPS down to 10 FPS and this state lasted from less than a minute up to till the end of the flight. This issue started for me as well and was very odd due to I have enjoyed a mostly problem-free Microsoft Flight Simulator for several months until now. 

The only way to prevent the performance freezing issue is to turn ONLINE FUNCTIONALITY: OFF and this means a lack of the Bing Maps terrain imagery and the Live Weather. Meanwhile waiting for an official fix, you can still fly on VATSIM and inject the real-world weather using the free Unreal Weather – Live METAR mod.

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  1. We should not need turn off online functionality and lose all the features thet make MSFS what it is and better than the competition, but saying that, I haven't noticed any big drops in FPS!

  2. Definitely, there is a random fps drop, which make the sim unplayable! I had to roll back to the previous version!


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