MSFS2020 - Ivao - Vatsim VMR (Model Matching) Files for MSFS - V.1.1

Currently, there is no good model matching for MSFS. Fortunately, there are still ways to get good matching for the time being while we wait.

The steps are as follows:
  • Install the livery megapack: Liveries Mega Pack Version 12 . Drop all individual liveries into the MSFS Community Folder.
  • Install the IVAO Altitude Client for MSFS 2020: (In the installer, be sure to include the "MTL" or CSL while downloading.
  • Ensure that the folder named "ivao_x-csl" is located in your MSFS commuity folder (at this point, you also may optionally delete the IVAO client if you do not use the network.)
  • Open vPilot and go to Settings > Model Matching (MSFS) > Custom Rules > Add Custom Rule Set(s)
  • Add msfs matching 1.vmr and msfs matching 2.vmr and ensure that 2 is underneath 1 (1 should be on top, you may re-arrange this using the buttons labeled Move Up/Down)
  • And congradulations! You are set!
Considering that I will likely update this as I encounter more model packages to use, as well as variants to match (will take session time to notice the discrepancies), you should be set with the best free model matching for MSFS. Enjoy!

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  1. Please find a different upload utility. does nothing but try to download crappy browser extensions that probably would toast my computer. I could not even access the download despite following the instructions.


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