Flight Simulator 2020 Performance Boost Tricks (ATC Stuttering Fix)

After some serious performance drop issues after Sim Update 3, the community around the Microsoft Flight Simulator started to hunt down for all kinds of tweaks to enhance the flying experience. Performance hotfix version did cure the major issues, but there are still stutters at some locations around the world that are to be fixed in future patches. If you find a problematic location during your flying, please report it to the developers. I’ve gathered some of the performance boost tricks here I’ve tested and think you could also try and see if it helps to gain a bit smoother performance and fewer problems at your own risk.

  • Install the latest Windows 10 updates due to e.g. KB5000842 helped with the stutters.
  • Enable more Virtual Memory to prevent unknown crash-to-desktop issues.
  • Disable GPU overclocking, software-based too, causes problems with MSFS.
  • Set max frame rate limit in GPU software to be e.g. 45, don’t use less than 35.
  • Disable HyperThreading as instructed here.
  • Disable fullscreen optimizations as instructed here.
  • Disable all the unneeded Toolbar icons by unticking them via the gear wheel icon.
  • Disable the default ATC with a mod found here, a must for online flyers at least.
  • If you know more good performance tricks, let me know to keep this page updated.

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