[Simulator News] Bredok3d – Boeing 737 Max For MSFS v1.3 Update Released

Bredok3d, the first Boeing branded aircraft manufacturer of Flight Simulator 2020 simulation, has released an update for the 737 Max aircraft. The improvements made in version 1.3 package are listed below.

Delete the old version from the msfs / community folder and install the new one.

Here are the main updates:
  • -New audio licensed by FTSIM + with original Boeing 737 sound
  • -Renewed Autopilot system
  • -Edited the Apu start and master in the correct original position
  • -External hublot lighted
  • -New overhead lights color
  • -Remake the Flight Model for a more realistic interaction
  • -Flaps portance improved
  • -Added PFD and MFD panel brightness adjustment levers
  • -Added Yaw Damper button
  • -Added Windows heater (not yet lighted)
  • -Added Pilot heater (not yet lighted)
  • -Added Fire System buttons (beta)
  • -New Anti-ice system
  • -Fixed External Power avail light
  • -Added Contrails
  • -Small fix on Landing gear - dimension and animation

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