MSFS2020 - Bahamas Airports Scenery Mega Pack - 23 Airports - V.1.0

MSFS Bahamas Pack


Includes Nassau's Lynden Pindling International Airport (MYNN) and all other Bahamas airports served by Bahamas Air including MYAB, MYAF, MYAK, MYAM, MYAN, MYAP, MYAT, MYBG, MYBS, MYCA, MYCB, MYCI, MYEF, MYEH, MYEM, MYER, MYGF, MYIG, MYLD, MYLS, MYMM and MYSM.  Most custom scenery objects are vintage 2016 as previously created by me for FSX scenery.  Beautiful Caribbean tropical waters can be observed at New Providence Island (MYNN), Chub Cay (MYBC) and Eleuthera Island (MYEH, MYER) as well as at other scattered locations throughout the Bahamas. This is an update and  replacement for previous library files,, and

Each airport includes at least one parking spot type "GATE" though not always identified that way in the MSFS World Map.  MYGF has East parking for the international terminal and West parking for the domestic terminal as well as South parking for the FBO, and ATC will refer to terminal parking as GA parking instead of gates.  Actual gate numbers are used at MYNN. 


Place the package (from Packages folder) for each airport in your MSFS community folder. Overwrite any packages previously installed from Phase One, Two and Three and/or MYNN.


Adapted to MSFS using ModelConverterX and Airport Design Editor 20 alpha versions.  Contains static models adapted from kb_static_aircraft_FSX library, Microsoft FSX library objects, Western Air model by Mike Stone painted by Christopher Russell, and Bahamas Air aircraft by Fruit Stand and Aardvark painted by Joshua Kubale. 

File Size : 75 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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