[Simulator News] Fenix Sim Previews Autoland in their A320 for MSFS

With the recent announcement of their rendition of A320 CEO for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the developer Fenix Sim has started showing more previews of the aircraft and its features through their YouTube channel.

In the very first video preview, the developer has shown the autoland feature of the aircraft. This feature has been previewed at an approach of Sydney International Airport (YSSY). From the video, we can see how the aircraft behaves on an ILS approach and how it maintains its descend through it.

The aircraft is already able to show LAND and ROLL OUT callouts on the PFD. Furthermore, we can notice how the cockpit and its lighting looks in this early stage of development. Keep in mind this may change during the development of the aircraft. The sound is not yet available as well.

The developer has also shared some more information through their Discord server, in which they created an FAQ channel, where the developer cleared some questions such as attendance of alpha testing and beta testing. Speaking of which, the developer said that you can’t enter alpha at this stage, as they have type-rated pilots and a few streamers there. However, they haven’t confirmed nor denied attendance of more people in the beta, as there’s no current whitelist created for it.

This aircraft won’t be available for Xbox. Speaking of some smaller features of it, it will have openable cockpit windows, custom throttle and thrust configuration, which you’ll be able to play with through MCDU and customize to your liking, an EFB and last but not least, there will be wing flex animation, which will make the aircraft model look more realistic.

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