[Simulator News] PMDG Further Updates DC-6 for MSFS2020

PMDG’s first product for the next generation flight simulator has recently received a new minor update bringing new improvements and bug fixes to the legendary Douglas DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Being already the second update released for the aircraft this month, it brings improvements to the air conditioning systems, improved hardware support, and visual tidying of the cabin and exterior models.

The update can be downloaded through the PMDG Operations Center free of charge for existing owners of the aircraft. If you want to purchase the aircraft, you can do so through the developer’s website priced at $54.99 or about €46.70.

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo as well mentioned through the forums, that they are beginning to map out unveiling their next release for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer did not go much in-depth with this topic, however, from previous posts we already know that the developers are already working on bringing their Boeing 737 to the platform and are intending on bringing all of their addons from older platforms to the new simulator as well.

  • [Suggested/Missing Features] AFE needs sound slider to increase volume
  • [Virtual Cockpit – Animation/Functionality/Click-Spots] RTM- Inverter and Generator Click Spots need position indicators
  • [Suggested/Missing Features] Additional External Camera views
  • [Systems Behavior/Functionality] Bendix King ADF timer won’t switch to hours
  • [Systems Behavior/Functionality] AFE Before Start flow does not close doors
  • [External Model – Lighting] Landing Lights and wing light glass cover is solid white.
  • [Systems Behavior/Functionality] Throttle speed movement with gamepad controller very slow
  • [External Model – Geometry] Front cabin seats strange texture
  • [Unsure] Default view for Tablet view (control 0) is off center
  • [Documentation] Incorrect schematics of fuel system management in POH
  • [External Model – Geometry] Cargo boxes in DC-6A main cargo deck appear/disappear on LOD1
  • [Documentation] Tutorials 1 and 2 Tablet and other info needs to be updated
  • [External Model – Geometry] Strange Ice Artifact around captain and FO window frame in VC view.
  • [Systems Behavior/Functionality] Inverters and A/C electrical system are mis-modeled (with associated instrument power errors)
  • [Systems Behavior/Functionality] Battery overcharges without boundary
  • [Systems Behavior/Functionality] Click-spots randomly activating
  • [Systems Behavior/Functionality] Cowl flap selector doesn’t line up with the numbers around the dial.
  • [Virtual Cockpit – Animation/Functionality/Click-Spots] AC Voltmeter tool tip should be “AC Voltmeter” not “AC Voltmeter Eng Inst”
  • [Virtual Cockpit – Animation/Functionality/Click-Spots] Add dynamic tool tips to Inverter switches “No. X/NORMAL”, “OFF”, “STBY”
  • [Systems Behavior/Functionality] Engine instruments should not be operational on emergency inverter
  • [Systems Behavior/Functionality] Emergency inverter does not obey its circuit breaker
  • [Sounds] Emergency inverter sound does not cease if its CB is tripped
  • [Systems Behavior/Functionality] F1-F4 keys are hard-bound to throttle movement and cannot be reassigned
  • [Systems Behavior/Functionality] Shutdown- Props still moving

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