Update! MSFS2020 - Captain Sim Boeing 777-200ER Real Physics Mod - V.3.3

This is a list of the files you will find in the small ZIP with the things i changed:

README.txt (the text you find here)
  • cameras.cfg (zoom and position of the pilot camera)
  • cockpit.cfg (flaps, speeds and throttle text)
  • cruise.cfg (adjustments for personal taste)
  • engines.cfg (starters, N1+N2, static thrust, inlet area, rpm)
  • flight_model.cfg (just everything except for the fuel system)
  • hangar.cfg (adjustments for personal taste)
  • runway.cfg (adjustments for personal taste)
  • systems.cfg (brakes and autopilot)
Version 3.3
  • - Fixed the top beacon in the LIGHTS section

  • - Reduced overall maneuverability at high speed
  • - Reduced elevator trim effectiveness back to 1.0

  • - Added taxi.flt files
  • - Improved static pitch and CG height for KI planes on ground
  • - Changed some light entries to match the files in the effects folder of the planes

  • - Baggage weight changes on the 300ER (for CG %)
  • - Increased aileron up/down limit
  • - Increased flap lift by a small amount
  • - Reduced pitch moment
  • - Reduced pitch, roll and yaw stability
  • - Increased elevator trim effectiveness
  • - Small fixes on the flap sections
Version 2.6
Flight Model:
  • - Overworked CG and weight settings again
  • - Reduced Yaw MOI inertia values
  • - Increased flap drag
  • - Improved flap lift balance
  • - Reduced gear drag
  • - Reduced spoiler and gear extend/retract times
  • - Overworked some front wheel steering values
  • - Changed tank positions a little bit
  • - Fixed wing root chord
  • - Fixed some missing stall protection values

  • - Increased Autopilot vertical speed to +/-5000
  • - Increased max AP speed to Mach 0.89
  • - Added differential braking to 1
  • (not really realstic but a better handling on ground)

Version 2.1

  • - Changes some cruise.FLT values

Engines :
  • - Decreased fuel flow scalar to 0.65 (-35%)

Flight Model:
  • - Set lift_coef_spoilers to -0.2
Version 1.8
  • - Flightmodel (for all 777 variants):
  • - Increased moment of onertia values
  • - Changed CG position more to the front
  • - Changed loadout weights
  • - Increased cruise lift for more stability at 40000 feet
  • - Reduced flap lift
  • - Reduced flap extending time to 36 seconds
  • - Reduced controls reactivity scalar
  • - Increased pitch moment delta elevator and trim
  • - Reduced elevator effectivness
  • - Changed some reference speeds to have no overspeed alarm at 250kts IAS

Version 1.7
- Interactive Point Changes

I had to change the interactive points back to two main exits per plane. That means that only the
front left door can be used for the jetway and the back right door for the catering truck.
Because only just two door per plane model are working.

I never had a problem with that because you can't see them when a jetway is connected.
All the three models have also wrong door assigments ! I cant change that.

I tested the doors with the "Toolbar Pushback" (Which can also be found on flightsim.to).

Aft door is correct
Cargo and front door not working manually

Front door is cargo
Aft door is correct
Cargo door not working

Front door not working
Cargo door is working

Version 1.5
- Added the Boeing 777-300ER files to the mod
- Several interactive point improvements
- Added two more doors for the jetways
- Added the 'apron.flt' file to my mod

- Changed some tank positions

Flight Model:
- Increased drag

Version 1.4
- Increased wingflex again to 0.8

Changes for the Autopilot:
- Set the minimum speed to 100kts or Mach 0.15
- Increased the vertical speed min/max settings (-2000/2500)
- Set altitude breakpoints to (low) 25000 and (high) 40000 feet

Flight Model:
- Increased flap drag and flap lift
- Set some unecessary values to zero

You just need to copy the  captainsim-aircraft-m772 folder into your Community folder and overwrite the existing files.


File Size : 30 kB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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  1. Thanks a lot, does anybody know, why this mode disable cabin light/panel light at 777-200 version ?773 works well. Can someboby fix it ? Tnx


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