Update! MSFS2020 - Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 Improvement Mod - V.0.3.2

This project aims to provide a more realistic experience when flying the legendary Douglas DC-3 in MSFS.

Current improvements (work in progress) :
  • reworked flight model
  • replaced windshield windows detail map, with more accurate and high res textures
  • engine and flight model adjustments, stability, and accuracy improvements
  • default camera position adjusted to a more usable position for most setups
  • instrument views reworked with five more added for a total of ten (list available under notes at the bottom of this page)
  • fuel consumption adjusted to better fit real-world numbers
  • custom engine start-up logic
  • manual supercharger control
  • carb heat indications fixed
  • oil temperature and pressure reworked
  • auxiliary tank fix (for the enhanced version, they are fine in the default)
  • cockpit quickviews fix
  • adds a heat blur effect to the engine exhaust
  • fuel booster pump sound events corrected
  • initial external lights rework (credit to @Delta2k5)
  • PR, DE, JP, ES, and IT localization fixes (by LincolnCFCruz, St54Kevin, cubna4, nataliacd1972 )
  • ... plus some minor tweaks and fixes with more to come in the future.
  • -startup and cold running engine logic now expanded to include engine oil and outside-air temperature sensitivity simulation *see notes
  • - engine primer switches interaction changed to complement the new startup logic, they will no longer stay pressed for a few seconds after you click the switch and jump back, instead, they need to be held in place and will continue to prime the engine as long as they are held in the up position
  • -increased the intensity of both beacon lights
  • - fixed a bug where the prop would continue spinning indefinitely after an unsuccessful startup
    • - the plane now spawns in a secured state (chocks and fire extinguishers visible), and additional options have been added to trigger that configuration *see notes
    • - windshield wipers reworked, their speed is now controllable in steps using the same knobs, no automatic parking as per original design, the wipers now require minimal hydraulic pressure to operate
    • - plane will no longer move as long as the chocks are deployed
    • - parking brake was reworked to work with the new chocks, on cold and dark loads the parking brake is set to off now since that plane is on chocks, default MSFS events for it should work fine and will only toggle the parking brake, with external software use DUCKWORKS_PARKING_BRAKE_SET (0-1) local variable
    • - tail lights; both bulbs will now illuminate
    • - fuel quantity selector knob interaction fixed, and added to state saving
    • - landing lights bulb illumination expanded to remain visible when looking at the plane from further away or zooming out and brightened
    • - nav lights illumination brightened
    • - toe brakes animation smoothened
      • - inverter and carb heat switches have been replaced with generator left/right switches (cockpit light switch moved to the slot on the right)
      • - volt and amp meter indication fixes
      • - battery cart (GPU) will no longer charge the battery, it will only get charged by the power provided by the generators
      • - main battery switch relabeled to indicate the power source selected
      • - ground power switch relabeled to battery cart deploy / stow
      • - adjusted power producers and consumers
      • - disabled the default ground power vehicle from spawning next to the plane on cold and dark
      • - adjusted the autopilot default modes
        • - start-up smoke effects will no longer trigger if engine combustion is not achieved
        • - cockpit light switch now has 3 positions (OFF/DIM/ON)
        • - landing lights; emissive added to the bulbs, increased brightness
        • - nav lights; increased brightness
          • - instrument lights reworked using individually placed gauge light effects, that are now gradually controlled by the panel lights knob on the left eyebrow panel

          • - rear wall lights are now controlled by the rear wall spots knob on the left eyebrow (previously compass light), the effect has been reworked and the lights are dimmable using the knob on the left eyebrow panel

          • - compass light moved to the switch on the right eyebrow panel (previously rear wall spotlights) and the emissive was replaced with a light effect

          • - sperry pilot illumination is now gradually controlled with the same knob using backlight effects instead of red emissive

          • - transponder's squawk number dial is no longer lit in a cold&dark state

          • - GNS and AP units integrated lights emissive luminosity lowered
          • - mags removed from state-saving, this allows them to be controlled by the default keybindings again
            • auto-rich / lean mixture control implementation *see notes
            • removed the clicking sound sometimes heard in the cockpit
            • fixed duplicate lightdef.N entries

            Installation :
            • Copy or extract the content of the archive to your community folder.

            File Size : 11 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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