Update! MSFS2020 - Airport Finder Freeware App - V.

Have you ever spent too much time choosing Departure / Arrival airports for your flight? This application provides a solution for this problem by suggesting airports that you can fly from or fly to considering several factors. The application can scan your MSFS Community folder looking for airport addons. With this information, the app can help you utilize your addons, and plan flights with these airports, which can be very helpful for players with a lot of addons.


  • Scan your Microsoft Flight Simulator Community, and marketplace folder for Addons
  • The app can scan for linked folders created with Addon Linker, scan runs automatically at the first start
  • Visualize your addon airports on a map
  • Generate flights between your addon, or any other airports
  • Calculate distance between airports, and get an estimated flight time with custom average speed
  • Display all MSFS airports, filter it by properties
  • Generate Departure / Arrival airports based on
  • Airport type
  • Country
  • Flight Distance
  • Flight time (ETE)
  • If addon scenery is available for the airport
  • Display bing 3d photogrammetry (The accuracy of the boundaries will improve over time, it involves a lot of manual work)
  • Display VATSIM and Ivao traffic and atc coverage (CTR atc boundaries may not fully be accurate yet, check it from other sources before your flight)
  • Filter add-on and default airports by ATC availability
  • You can generate SimBrief flightplans right from the app, and display ofp or PDF, or download flightplans for your aircrafts
  • Option to filter your addons on the map, or disable a specific one
  • Option to display precipitation, cloud data on map (Data source: RainViewer api)
  • Search airport by icao / airport name
  • Add multiple airports to route
  • Export route to .PLN format to open in MSFS or further editing in other softwares
  • Airport METAR data is displayed in selected airport data section if available for the airport (Data source: MET Norway)
  • Save app state and load it automatically for each session
  • Choose from several map style
  • Copy coordinates with right click
  • Scan GSX ini configurations
  • - Hotfix for displaying all gsx-world-of-jetways airports
  • - Fixed an issue causing a few airport packs not to appear on the map
  • - Added feature to display day/night line with custom selectable time
  • - Changed a few UI colors, data display contents
    • - Fixed an issue causing a few airports not to appear on the map
    • - Added function to recognise multiple airports in 1 add-on
    • - Added option to collapse main nav, and map panels
    • - Few design, UI fixes


    • Download, extract the .rar file (with WinRAR or similar) to any location you have write, read access
    • Start the application with AirportFinder.exe file

    File Size : 200 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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