NEW! MSFS2020 - Heinkel He-162 Salamander Freeware Aircraft - V.0.9.H [Working Cockpit]

After unzipping the archive, please put the included folder "beekay-aircraft-Heinkel-He162" into your Community folder.

All is still WIP and only Version V 0.9h.

This is a native Project. No port over from other simulators.

Changelog for Version 0.9h

- Visual Effects reworked 
- Power settings set to real power to reach the required speed at all altitudes
- Description values in all liveries corrected
- Be carefull on takeoff now with more power available
- and more

Functions in Version 0.9c:

- Rain on windows
- Cockpit opening
- Textures: Yellow 11, White 23, Captured Russian, Captured French, Raw Materials, Grey Prototype
- Wheel chokes, ladder and turbine protection when cold and dark
- Switches: Battery Master, Fuel Cut off, Engine Start, Landing Light, Navigation Light, Pitot Heat, Gear, Flaps and many more
- Removable stick with two click spots
- Wheel effects on wet materials, grass and sandy material
- Visual Effects for engine smoke, burners and more
- Included Livery Template for GIMP (activate layer UV to see mapping)
- Major texture file now 4096x4096

Note: My Salamander/Volksjäger Heinkel He-162 Pack 1 can only be used as freeware.
By no means it can be included in packs which are sold without my written acceptance.
The pack is exclusive on and no other WebSites are allowed.

File Size : 130 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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