NEW! X-PLANE 12 - Night Lighting Improvement Mod - V.1.9

This zip file contains X-Plane 12 Night Lighting adjustments. These changes do not require reshade and/or lua scripts, everything is contained within XP12. The following files have been edited: lites.txt, 1000_lites_close.png as well as multiple DDS ground splash tiles. Installation is simple!

One does not need the DDS ground splash edits to use my lights. If you don't mind the ground splash tiles in the distance, just replace the lites.txt and 1000_lites_close.png files and you're done.


Version 1.3:
Two sets of lights are included, choose between green/blue tint or yellow/orange tint.
Version 1.8:
Work around for square aircraft lighting.
Version 1.9:
Update lights to conform with Release Candidate 2.

File Size : 20 KB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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