Toliss A319 V. 1.4.0 NEO - XPlane 11

Version 1.04

Minor new features:

– FMGS now provides the extended runway centerline when selecting a runway without SID.
– Engine parameters shown on the ENG SD page are now routed through SDAC1 + SDAC2 rather than the FADEC.

Bug fixes:

– Fixed an issue with entering a plan point in MCDU if alternate and active plan are both shown on FPLN page.
– Fixed issue with full deflection flight director just after take-off
– Fixed issue with popout windows changing size and position everytime they are closed and reopened.
– Fixed some ECAM text colors
– Fixed an issue with AP2/FD2 in any CLB or DES mode.
– Fixed an issue that can lead to the aircraft climbing in DES mode, when below minimum econ speed
– Fixed an issue with the temporary flight path not aligned when they should be.
– Fixed erroneous scaling of the vertical AP command in pitch speed control modes.
– Fixed order of MACH and IAS on PERF DES page
– Fixed sound player issues leading to crackling noises
– ISI backup power supply only available about 50kts CAS

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