Link Update! ChecklistsPro App - V.1.0 [Airbus A320 - Cessna 172 - Baron B58]

What is ChecklistsPro?

ChecklistsPro is a checklist utility that can be used for any simulator. In future updates, sim-integration with X-Plane 11 might be introduced.

ChecklistsPro currently features a fully working Cessna 172 Checklist with checklists for the Airbus A320 and the Beechcraft Baron B58 to follow. More checklists are, of course, planned for the future. You are able to navigate these checklists using the up and down arrow buttons in the application or the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the checklist cursor. This is based off of the Boeing 777 in-built checklist. ChecklistsPro also features an Air Traffic Control Guidance System. I didn't plan to create this system at first but a suggestion was made to me which I went ahead with.

Before using the ATC Guidance System you will enter details about your flight (callsign, stand number, departure, arrival etc). After you link this to the application you will be able to select the transmissions you wish to make. It sounds complicated in words but is very easy to use. For example, if I were to select Clearance as the transmission I wanted to make, I would press DISPLAY TRANSMISSION and the application would generate exactly what I needed to say to request clearance. Fields will appear for you to enter information such as your SID, QNH, Initial Climb Altitude as well and Squawk code. You then press DISPLAY READBACK and, Voila!,  you are presented with your readback!

The ATC Guidance System currently features the following IFR transmissions: Clearance, Push and Start, Taxi, Frequency Change (you can enter a frequency to change to, e.g. 121.800 or you can select a controller, e.g. Ground), Altitude Change (you can select the altitude you want to request in FEET or FLIGHT LEVEL), Heading Change (you will enter the heading you wish to fly and also provide a reason for requesting that heading).

ChecklistsPro also has it's own custom built Scratchpad. The scratchpad has many features. There is an option to just freely type or another option to enter in your callsign, departure airport etc. You can export both of these option to .txt files for your own record or you can import them to .cp (ChecklistsPro) format files which can be imported back into the application. Again, it is difficult to explain in words.

Some other small features include Discord Rich Presence (can be toggled in the settings). The Discord Rich Presence will update depending on what you are doing in the application and will also update with your flight details if you use the ATC Guidance System.

ChecklistsPro also has a METAR function. You can pull up three METAR reports at a time.

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