Update! FSX to MSFS2020 Plane Importer Addon - V.

This program was made to simplify FSX aircraft import into MSFS. At this moment, it can be named as assistant, as just perform routine import actions, and also provide some guidance on how to fix detected issues. Maybe some day it will become converter, but now you should make a lot of manual changes in aircraft files to make it work completely properly. Detailed description provided in readme file. It is under heavy development right now, if you have problems with any of the aircraft you're trying to convert, make bug report. Make backups before any experiments.

* minor UI changes
* feature "add missing CFG attributes" for CFG split is optional now
* engine CFG fixes by ldxaircrafts
* optional JS validation for generated gauge code (optional, experimental)

* Wrong engine value fix issue solved
* Updates and announces counter (link to the website)
* Settings JSON file added

* turbine idle/high RPM missing values fix
* RPM/TORQUE external view gauge highlighted depending on engine type
* false "Missing interior model" message fixed

* afterburner thrust fix
* ModelDef afterburner broken variable replacement
* custom afterburner control JS script
* aircraft.cfg backup after import
* server domain changed
* gauges extraction at each import removed

* Panels gamma slider position not reset after import
* CABs extract process triggered on each import
* "missing engine.0" fix removed
* missing interior model popup
* cfg aliases processing during import
* gauges conversion improved

* too long path-related errors fixed
* additional filesystem error warnings

* UI translation improved
* descriptions added to each feature
* additional options for panels conversion process
* French (jackburton) and Russian translation files included
* gauges conversion improved, some digital instruments started to work

* Runway tab for basic import
* empty engine.0 value check
* Translation issues

* multilingual support (for translators, instructions link in About tab)
* AIR import crash fixed
* Collision points fixing improved
* Variometer gauge speed compensation
* Basic import mode added
* Main menu screen
* Invalid ui_typerole value fix
* Taxi lights injection
* Aircraft sound samples toggle option
* Variometer tone insertion/removal
* Gauge expression test form
* Model key "MDLX" check
* panel conversion log (same folder as panel file)
* FSX variables conversion improved
* vertical acceleration value as variometer rate
* FSX expression parsing improved
* New gauges rotate animation
* AIR remove button added
* advanced file dialog returned
* Community path detection (Rikoooo's method)
* AIR import process simplified
* AIR tables updated (Taz5150's data)
* Locked files error handlers
* FSX gauge expressions parsing improved
*Malware signatures issues fix:
* Unnecessary packages removed
* Folder select dialog replaced with default
* DLLs no longer part of EXE file

* DLL file presence warning
* Backup/restore button on each editable page
* AIR file data import
* Critical flight model values missing list
* Models tab with button to remove cockpit clickable elements (to avoid game crash since MSFS ver1.8.3.0)

- new CFG parser code
- engine output power adjustment
- runway.flt sections import
- Reading default paths from registry improved; Flight model section: contact points duplicates automatic fix available and notice about wrong contact point data formatting; Speed indicator limits auto populate from cruise_speed value; Readme updated
- Design tweaks; "Toggle all" checkbox; description data export improved; lights conversion improved; selectable textures conversion tool


- fix crash issue because of clickable elements inside legacy cockpit
- copy files from FSX to MSFS Community folder with proper structure
- generate layout.json file with list of files
- generate manifest.json file based on typed by user data
- load existing legacy MSFS aircraft
- split AIRCRAFT.CFG on relative CFG files
- insert missing values into imported CFG files
- insert missing CFG file sections on users choice
- populate missing performance values from description
- insert missing gauges parameters from templates (does not fix missing cockpit gauges!)
- set speed indicator limits from cruise_speed value
- detect buggy engine values (engine_type and afterburner_available)
- adjust engines output power
- fix runway issues (gears raised, fuel pump disabled, parking brakes disabled)
- fix contact points duplicates (stuck landing gear issue)
- notify about contact point formatting issues
- convert external/cockpit lights
- bulk convert of BMP textures to DDS
- import AIR value into CFG files (not one-click solution as require manual adjustments)
- backup and restore editable files
- inform about available program update, perform self update if triggered by user


- cockpit instruments do not work (not displayed or inoperate)
- aircraft does not appear in the list on main screen (especially gliders, try to use Select Aircraft window in Developer mode)
- aircraft appear in the list, but model is invisible because of unsupported model format
- engines switched off when player taking control of some aircraft on the runway (try Ctrl+E)
- turbine engines under powered at thrust level more than 40%
- inaccurate flight model
- sounds looping (like infinity raising gears sound)

This is an early test version, so use it only if you have some experience and knowledge in this process. This program manipulates with files and reading/writing registry values, so use it on your own risk. Application is not signed, so possibly you antivirus will ask permission to launch it.


This converter for personal use only. Do not publish converted planes. If you are owner of the model, you can contact me about issues you have and maybe I can fix some.


In release MSFS version bug with legacy aircrafts exists - if you met some other player with same aircraft and exactly the same AC folder name (inside SimObjects), game will crash for any of you. So it is not recommended to play imported airplanes online.


- download the latest version archive
- unpack files into same folder, launch EXE


Delete folder


- Windows 7/8/10
- .NET 4.5

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