Update! MSFS2020 - Salty 747-8 Improvement Mod - V.0.5.1


This is an open-source modification for the default Asobo 747-8 included in Microsoft Flight Simulator. 


        • [MISC] Added SU9 Compatibility
        • [ND] Added runway markers with extended centerline
        • [ND] Fixed minor ND bugs: clipping and size of VOR R information and wind arrow, WXR returns in plan mode
        • [ND] Fixed when first switching to PLAN mode, map would be incorrectly centered until first press of STEP
        • [ND] Missed approach track now shows in dashed cyan as per 747-8, and changes to solid magenta upon triggering TO/GA
        • [ND] Holding patterns are now always rendered as an undashed line
        • [ND] Cosmetic updates to ND waypoint information
        • [ND] Visual improvements to PLAN mode, including a new mask that now surrounds the compass circle stopping the route being drawn all over the display
        • [ND] Redesigned Waypoint icon to be more accurate.
        • [ND] Fixed some clipping issues with ND border when viewing display popped out
        • [ND] Fixed bug causing duplicate UTC indications
        • [ECL] Added electronic checklist with all normal checklists, closed/open loop items, dynamic conditions
        • [FONTS] Added some misc special characters to EFIS font
        • [FONTS] Reworked EFIS font
        • [EICAS] Pressurization info now blanks out when blanking lower eicas
        • [EICAS] Added seatbelts memo
        • [EICAS] Added HEAT WINDOW L & R advisory messages
        • [EICAS] Normalised the flap position and commanded position indicator so that each setting is linearly spaced
        • [EICAS] Fixed Flap 1 position never reaching active "green" state. Flap 1 now properly indicates state of leading edge devices
        • [EICAS] Various visual adjustments
        • [ECL] ECL now uses new lowercase character set
        • [ECL] ECL now matches the default 747-8i Boeing spec, operator specific checklists such as "AFTER LANDING" have been removed
        • [FM] Fixed flap extension pause when passing each detent
        • [FM] Adjusted fuel flow
        • [FM] Added temporary fix for excessive ground effect and poor control response
        • [MODEL] Fixed some lights not dimming
        • [MODEL] Bank angle selector is now set to AUTO by default
        • [FMC] Improved LNAV turn tracking
        • [FMC] FMC now only accepts flaps 10 or 20 as valid takeoff settings
        • [FMC] Added optional support for syncing MSFS world map flight plan
        • [FMC] Fixed incorrect THR & THR REF indications in VNAV and FLCH
        • [FMC] Missed approach track no longer contributes to destination DTG in progress page
        • [FMC] Fixes throttle levers being able to be moved after transition from HOLD to THR REF on takeoff
        • [FMC] Added variable lead-in distance at start of direct leg to allow for turning onto new course without large overshoot
        • [FMC] Fixed bug causing VNAV CDU page to erroneously display MCP SPD mode in some instances
        • [FMC] Lower EICAS fuel unit now matches upper EICAS fuel unit
        • [FMC] Waypoints on the select desired wpt page are now sorted by proximity
        • [FMC] Fixed a bug where opening an ACARS message would lead to the ATC log page
        • [FMC] Spam-selecting a waypoint on the select desired wpt page no longer causes duplicate waypoints to be inserted
        • [FMC] Fixed ETA in the POS REPORT page
        • [FMC] Cruise level is now blank by default instead of defaulting to FL100
        • [FMC] Added AP debug page
        • [FMC] Fixed minor bugs in the POS REF page
        • [FMC] Fixed a bug causing FMC not to change into CRZ or DES modes due to wrong altimeter source
        • [FMC] Fixed a minor bug with unit conversions
        • [FMC] Added T/D indication in progress page
        • [AP] Fixed AT not activating when switched on if there was a mode change while it was disabled
        • [AP] FLCH now correctly opens the speed window in last FMC commanded speed if switching from VNAV
        • [AP] Fixed speed window not opening if V/S, ALT HOLD or FLCH selected from VNAV
        • [AP] Fixed FLCH not properly engaging if pushed when in either TO or GA modes
        • [AP] Fixed AT going into HOLD mode at 65kts even if TO/GA was not pushed for takeoff
        • [AP] Fixed cycling FD on ground causing AT to go into Takeoff thrust in some circumstances
        • [AP] V/S can now only be in whole increments of 100 feet
        • [AP] Fixed AP behaviour when engaging AP above 400' feet on takeoff.
        • [AP] FLCH now uses VNAV MCP SPD as initial target if selected while VNAV active and in speed intervention mode
        • [AP] FLCH now defaults to current IAS as initial target speed if no valid FMC speed available
        • [AP] Fixed an inconsistency with TO/GA logic depending on whether the keybind or the cockpit switch is used to trigger it
        • [AP] TO/GA no longer engages the AT in SPD mode
        • [AP] It is now possible to fly an ILS without selecting an approach
        • [AP] Once established on an ILS approach, it is no longer possible to select different AFDS modes, except for TO/GA
        • [AP] Fixed a bug which prevented arming the LOC when in HDG HOLD mode
        • [VNAV] Improved behaviour for FLCH, V/S and VNAV SPD
        • [VNAV] Much improved Altitude capture logic
        • [VNAV] New autothrottle from scratch integrated into NavModeSelector, all modes THR REF, THR, SPD, IDLE, HOLD modelled
        • [VNAV] Rewritten FMA backend and added FAC and G/P indications
        • [VNAV] Integrated basic VNAV descent path logic
        • [VNAV] Added T/D marker
        • [VNAV] Add RNAV approach capability through IAN
        • [VNAV] Heading bug automatically syncs to runway heading upon LOC capture
        • [VNAV] New FMC descent mode trigger logic
        • [VNAV] Early descent mode within 50nm of T/D modelled
        • [VNAV] Added VNAV path deviation indicator to ND
        • [VNAV] Cycling flight directors now correctly initialises TO/GA on ground and HDG HOLD & V/S in the air
        • [VNAV] Limit thrust settings used by A/T as a temp workaround for excessive climb and descent rates until flight model can be fixed
        • [VNAV] Add support for LOC, NDB and VOR approaches
        • [VNAV] Removed DES marker
        • [VNAV] Add automatic throttle IDLE at 25' on landing
        • [VNAV] Complete APPR mode button functions.
        • [VNAV] Complete TO/GA special pitch/speed mode logic and limit go around thrust.
        • [VNAV] Add navigation performance scales to PFD
        • [VNAV] Tune LNAV director to prevent current poor lateral tracking and overshooting.
        • [VNAV] Added Constraint delete function to Altitude Knob push button
        • [VNAV] VNAV button now correctly does nothing if pushed when airborne with VNAV already engaged
        • [PFD] V/S bug now disappears from VSI when capturing altitude
        • [PFD] Fixed attitude indicator displaying slightly wrong roll value
        • [PFD] Heading bug and dashed line no longer displays when IRS is not aligned
        • [MCP] Speed window now correctly always opens in IAS mode, never mach
        • [MCP] Fixed bug requiring MCP speed knob to be pushed twice to open in some instances
        • [MCP] Added new fonts for MCP displays
        • [MCP] Fixed IAS/MACH mode text alignment
        • [MCP] Fixed some MCP lights and vertical speed window behaviour
        • [SOUNDS] Added AP disconnect sound
        • [SOUNDS] Added Master Caution sound
        • [SOUNDS] Added C-Chord alert when approaching MCP altitude
        • [QOL] Added pause at T/D feature
        • [MISC] Hard-fork: the aircraft is now independent of the Asobo aircraft and can be selected in the menu


        • [FMC] Custom Flight Plan Manager from WT integrated, allowing directs, holding, route changes, custom waypoints etc.
        • [FMC] Added direct to functionality.
        • [FMC] Added holding functionality.
        • [FMC] Route changes are now possible.
        • [FMC] Custom waypoints, such as precise coordinates and waypoints based on distance are now possible.
        • [FMC] Redesigned FMC DEP/ARR, RTE and LEGS pages.
        • [FMC] Added new FMC hold page.
        • [FMC] Added new custom font to CDU.
        • [FMC] Updated VNAV pages layout for accuracy.
        • [FMC] SimBrief now properly uplinks airways and lat/long points.
        • [FMC] Fixed FMC failing to initialise bug.
        • [FMC] Corrected FMC cruise altitude formatting.
        • [TEXTURES] Added new decals to cockpit panels.
        • [SOUNDS] Added minimums GPWS callout.
        • [SOUNDS] Added new OVERSPEED warning sound.
        • [SOUNDS] Enabled Asobo "SINK RATE" and "PULL UP" aural warnings.
        • [EICAS] Added reverser "REV" indication to upper EICAS display.
        • [AUTOPILOT] Target MCP alt can now be actively changed when not in ALT hold modes.
        • [AUTOPILOT] Autothrottle now uses more thrust in FLCH SPD and VNAV SPD.
        • [AUTOPILOT] Fixed FLCH bug below 3000'.
        • [VNAV] Added VNAV ALT mode, VNAV will now stop climb/descent when reaching MCP altitude.
        • [VNAV] Custom climb, cruise and descent speeds can be set in VNAV FMC pages.
        • [VNAV] Pushing ALT knob now sets new higher cruise alt in FMC in climb phase, and no longer changes it in descent phase.
        • [VNAV] Fixed bug causing FMC to enter Descent mode when step climbing in VNAV.
        • [A/T] Tuned A/T PID for better autothrottle response.
        • [PFD] Added altitude alert system when approaching MCP altitude with aural warning.
        • [PFD] Redesigned heading indicator on PFD.
        • [PFD] Polished some cosmetic elements on PFD.
        • [PFD] QNH can now be preselected on PFD when in STD mode.
        • [PFD] Added new pitch limit indicator (PLI) to PFD.
        • [PFD] Fixed stall tape sometimes not being visible.
        • [ND] Added TCAS traffic.
        • [ND] Added track line to ND.
        • [ND] Heading bug dashed line now hides after 10 seconds of not being moved when not in HDG SEL or HDG HOLD.
        • [ND] WX radar returns from behind the aircraft no longer show.
        • [ND] The temporary flight plan dashed line no longer draws beyond what is needed, increasing performance.
        • [ND] Minor cosmetic changes.
        • [EICAS] Pressurisation info is now hidden from upper EICAS when not displaying ENG.
        • [FUEL] Added fully functioning fuel jettison system.
        • [FUEL] Added EICAS messages related to STAB tank pump operation.
        • [MODEL] Adjusted default state of various knobs.
        • [MISC] Slightly shrunk the size of all displays to add a "deadzone" edge area as present on the LCDs.


        • Dev version


        • [FLIGHT DIRECTOR] New smooth rotation command when VNAV armed/V2 set for takeoff.
        • [MISC] Added custom-made Boeing font to EFIS.
        • [MISC] Added option in FMC to switch units between LBS and KGS.
        • [VNAV] Maintains approx V2 speed from liftoff until ACC ALT.
        • [VNAV] Automatic Thrust Reduction at altitude specified in TAKEOFF REF fmc page.
        • [VNAV] Automatic Acceleration Profile beginning at altitude specified in TAKEOFF REF fmc page, with proper flap retraction schedule.
        • [VNAV] Flies climb profile/speeds up to CRZ alt based on aircraft weight using approximation of Econ speeds.
        • [VNAV] New slightly higher default VNAV CRZ at .845 mach.
        • [VNAV] Descent speed initially .845/340KIAS until approx 10500' then slows to 240KIAS.
        • [VNAV] Adjusted descent mode criteria to reduce inadvertent triggering.
        • [VNAV] Autothrottle now correctly engages in SPD mode when leveling in VNAV PTH.
        • [VNAV] New VNAV CLB and CRZ pages on FMC (Not fully functional).
        • [FMC] Added Simbrief Integration.
        • [FMC] Added WX/METAR and ATIS requests.
        • [FMC] Default thrust rating now TO.
        • [FMC] Default climb rating now CLB.
        • [FMC] VREF25 and 30 now calculated from current weight using real aircraft data.
        • [FMC] Flap Maneuver Speeds displayed reflect real aircraft values for current weight.
        • [FMC] REF speed bug now displays correct value on PFD.
        • [FMC] New Takeoff Ref page matching real aircraft layout.
        • [FMC] Redesigned Progress Page.
        • [FLIGHT MODEL] Engine fuel flow increased to more realistic figure.
        • [SOUND] Enabled some missing Asobo sounds (GPWS Alt Callouts, V1 Callout, Speedbrake servo extension, A/P disc).
        • [PFD] Visual redesign of all instrumentation on PFD.
        • [PFD] New Flight Path Vector display.
        • [PFD] Minimums settable now in 10FT increments.
        • [PFD] Fixed VMO/MMO on speedtape.
        • [PFD] V1/VR hides after takeoff and next flap maneuvering speed now shows on speedtape.
        • [PFD] Stall speed red tape and amber band now varies with G Load.
        • [ND] Visual redesign of all instrumentation on ND.
        • [ND] New ND symbology and colours.
        • [ND] Added VOR/ADF L/R needles and ident/DME info. (Tune in NAV/RAD page).
        • [ND] Bing map airport display now hidden when turning ARPT switch off.
        • [ND] Small airports (<2500M Runway) are now filtered out from ND ARPT display.
        • [ND] Removed DECEL waypoint.
        • [ND] Removed NDBs from STA display.
        • [EICAS] Visual redesign of all instrumentation on upper and lower EICAS.
        • [EICAS] Added Arrows to Fuel Synoptic to show active transfer of RES1&4 and HST fuel.
        • [EICAS] Stab Trim indicator now properly functional.
        • [EICAS] New EICAS message logic, adds Advisory message category and correctly displays Memo messages at bottom of list.
        • [EICAS] New APU RUNNING memo message.
        • [EICAS] New AUTOBRAKE 1/2/3/4/MAX/RTO memo.
        • [EICAS] New PARK BRAKE SET memo.
        • [EICAS] New IRS ALIGN MODE L/C/R memo.
        • [EICAS] New SPEEDBRAKE ARMED memo.
        • [EICAS] New DOOR ENTRY L1/R5 advisories.
        • [EICAS] New ICING advisory.
        • [EICAS] New BLEED 1/2/3/4 advisories.
        • [EICAS] New FUEL QTY LOW caution.
        • [EICAS] New OVERSPEED warning.
        • [MODEL] Added pilot models to interior model (Optional can be configured in FMC).
        • [MODEL] Updated camera instrument/quickview positions.
        • [MODEL] Fixed LOD draw distance on external model.
        • [MISC] Fixed minor bugs


        Small update addressing bugs and compatibility with MSFS 1.12.13.

        • [OTHER] Compatibility with MSFS 1.12.13
        • [EICAS] Fixed inaccuracies with PARK BRAKE SET EICAS message
        • [ND] The altitude range arc now disappears at 200ft from the MCP altitude instead of 100ft
        • [FMC] New calculation for maximum flight level on VNAV page
        • [FUEL] Tweaked engine data and fuel consumption
        • [FLIGHT MODEL] General flight model changes
        • [FLIGHT MODEL] Changed empty CG position to 26% MAC

        To download and install:

        Click on "salty-747.zip". Follow the instructions found in the readme.


        [ND] Added altitude prediction arc (the "banana")

        [ND] Active waypoint now displays in magenta

        [ND] ETAs for waypoints are now in UTC instead of local time

        [ND] Various visual changes regarding waypoint information

        [ND] Distance to waypoint now displays correctly

        [ND] Added UTC clock on ND

        [ND] Removed VOR arrows from ND

        [ND] Removed track display from ND

        [EICAS] Added GEAR EICAS Synoptic Page

        [EICAS] Fixed minor bugs related to EICAS synoptics

        [FMC] Cost Index can now be set

        [FMC] VNAV CRZ Page now refreshes automatically

        [FMC] VNAV CRZ Page now differs depending on ECON or MCP speed modes

        [FMC] VNAV CRZ Page now displays current command speed

        [FMC] VNAV CRZ Page now shows maximum operating flight level, based on aircraft weight

        [FMC] Several minor visual accuracy improvements to VNAV CRZ page

        [ISFD] Added correct ISFD behavior on startup

        [ISFD] Added ISFD 90-second init sequence

        [ISFD] ISFD now differs when IRS is not aligned / is aligned

        [TEXTURES] Replaced red ON light with a more realistic color

        [MISC] Seatbelt knob operational

        [MISC] Fixed various minor bugs


        [IRS] IRS knobs functional

        [IRS] IRS alignment

        [IRS] IRS alignment affects PFD and ND realistically

        [EICAS] Added fully functional DRS synoptic page

        [EICAS] Added fully functional FCTL synoptic page

        [EICAS] Added fully functional ELEC synoptic page

        [EICAS] Added semi-functional STAT synoptic page

        [EICAS] Added FUEL TANK/ENG EICAS Caution

        [PFD] Adjusted PFD colors to more closely match real life

        [ND] Wind and TAS no longer display under 100kts

        [FMC] Added "Salty Options" page (Should be moved to EFB in the future)

        [FMC] Added IRS instant align option

        [FMC] VSpeeds are now correctly calculated

        [FMC] VSpeeds now reset appropriately

        [FMA] FMA HOLD mode now properly displays when TOGA is pressed

        [FMA] FMA no longer displays anything when A/T and FD are off

        [FUEL] Improved fuel consumption rate

        [FUEL] Changed fuel tank priority to more closely match the real aircraft

        [AIRCOND] Aircond knobs funtional

        [LIGHTS] Fixed taxi light bleeding into cockpit and remaining lit after gear is up

        [FLIGHT MODEL] Adjusted Wingflex



        IRS fully modelled (PFD, MFD, Knobs)


        DRS EICAS Synoptic Page

        FCTL EICAS Synoptic Page

        ELEC EICAS Synoptic Page

        Semi-Functional GEAR EICAS Synoptic Page

        Semi-Functional STAT EICAS Synoptic Page


        Green arc predicting altitude during climb / descent


        PFD Colors Adjusted


        "Salty Options" page under MENU in FMC

        IRS Instant Align Option

        Some values that couldn't be entered can now be entered (e.g Cost Index)


        Various FMA fixes

        Flight Model and Engines

        Improved fuel consumption rate

        Improved fuel tank logic


        Aircond Knobs Functional


        To install, simply copy the salty-747 folder to your community folder. Depending on the platform you bought MSFS on, the location of your Community folder will be different.

        Microsoft Store - C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_[]\LocalCache\Packages\Community

        Steam - C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

        Boxed - C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\MSFSPackages\Community

        File Size : 352 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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        1. with last dev version , the flight plan isn't showed at VFRmap

        2. With latest version of MSFS, moving items in the cockpit, switches, throttles, brakes no longer move.

        3. Strike last comment--I was on the wrong version. Probably should like your git here, though. =)


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