Update! MSFS2020 - Salty 747-8 Improvement Mod - V.0.2.3 Developer


This is an open-source modification for the default Asobo 747-8 included in Microsoft Flight Simulator. 


Small update addressing bugs and compatibility with MSFS 1.12.13.

  • [OTHER] Compatibility with MSFS 1.12.13
  • [EICAS] Fixed inaccuracies with PARK BRAKE SET EICAS message
  • [ND] The altitude range arc now disappears at 200ft from the MCP altitude instead of 100ft
  • [FMC] New calculation for maximum flight level on VNAV page
  • [FUEL] Tweaked engine data and fuel consumption
  • [FLIGHT MODEL] General flight model changes
  • [FLIGHT MODEL] Changed empty CG position to 26% MAC

To download and install:

Click on "salty-747.zip". Follow the instructions found in the readme.


[ND] Added altitude prediction arc (the "banana")

[ND] Active waypoint now displays in magenta

[ND] ETAs for waypoints are now in UTC instead of local time

[ND] Various visual changes regarding waypoint information

[ND] Distance to waypoint now displays correctly

[ND] Added UTC clock on ND

[ND] Removed VOR arrows from ND

[ND] Removed track display from ND

[EICAS] Added GEAR EICAS Synoptic Page

[EICAS] Fixed minor bugs related to EICAS synoptics

[FMC] Cost Index can now be set

[FMC] VNAV CRZ Page now refreshes automatically

[FMC] VNAV CRZ Page now differs depending on ECON or MCP speed modes

[FMC] VNAV CRZ Page now displays current command speed

[FMC] VNAV CRZ Page now shows maximum operating flight level, based on aircraft weight

[FMC] Several minor visual accuracy improvements to VNAV CRZ page

[ISFD] Added correct ISFD behavior on startup

[ISFD] Added ISFD 90-second init sequence

[ISFD] ISFD now differs when IRS is not aligned / is aligned

[TEXTURES] Replaced red ON light with a more realistic color

[MISC] Seatbelt knob operational

[MISC] Fixed various minor bugs


[IRS] IRS knobs functional

[IRS] IRS alignment

[IRS] IRS alignment affects PFD and ND realistically

[EICAS] Added fully functional DRS synoptic page

[EICAS] Added fully functional FCTL synoptic page

[EICAS] Added fully functional ELEC synoptic page

[EICAS] Added semi-functional STAT synoptic page


[PFD] Adjusted PFD colors to more closely match real life

[ND] Wind and TAS no longer display under 100kts

[FMC] Added "Salty Options" page (Should be moved to EFB in the future)

[FMC] Added IRS instant align option

[FMC] VSpeeds are now correctly calculated

[FMC] VSpeeds now reset appropriately

[FMA] FMA HOLD mode now properly displays when TOGA is pressed

[FMA] FMA no longer displays anything when A/T and FD are off

[FUEL] Improved fuel consumption rate

[FUEL] Changed fuel tank priority to more closely match the real aircraft

[AIRCOND] Aircond knobs funtional

[LIGHTS] Fixed taxi light bleeding into cockpit and remaining lit after gear is up

[FLIGHT MODEL] Adjusted Wingflex



IRS fully modelled (PFD, MFD, Knobs)


DRS EICAS Synoptic Page

FCTL EICAS Synoptic Page

ELEC EICAS Synoptic Page

Semi-Functional GEAR EICAS Synoptic Page

Semi-Functional STAT EICAS Synoptic Page


Green arc predicting altitude during climb / descent


PFD Colors Adjusted


"Salty Options" page under MENU in FMC

IRS Instant Align Option

Some values that couldn't be entered can now be entered (e.g Cost Index)


Various FMA fixes

Flight Model and Engines

Improved fuel consumption rate

Improved fuel tank logic


Aircond Knobs Functional


To install, simply copy the salty-747 folder to your community folder. Depending on the platform you bought MSFS on, the location of your Community folder will be different.

Microsoft Store - C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_[]\LocalCache\Packages\Community

Steam - C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

Boxed - C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\MSFSPackages\Community

V.0.2.1 Stable
V.0.2.3 Developer

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