NEW! MSFS2020 - PMDG 737 Wear and Tear Textures - V.3.4 [4K-HD]


Created a used texture effect for the PMDG 737 cockpit by adding a paint scratch texture on top of it. It reworks the glareshied and yoke. Textures are in 4K and HD. 

Version 3.4

  • -Overhead panel
  • -Glareshield
  • -Pedals
  • -Windshield a bit dirtier
  • -Color adjustment overall
  • Passenger windows scratches
  • Windshield weathering
  • -Update of the radio panel, I added many scratches and a coffee stain.
  • -I increased the resolution of many textures (circuit breakers, trim wheel...)
  • -Update of the trim wheel
  • -Update of the throttle
  • -Rework of the overhead panel (brighter and more paint scratch)
  • -Rework of the glareshield
  • -Rework of the light panel

File Size : 540 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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