Update! MSFS2020 - ENVA Trondheim Airport Scenery (Norway) - V.0.3.1


Runway slope and surface updated based on data from 2019
Taxiways have been brought up-to-date based on official charts
Gates / Parking: 
Gates 22-29, 30-37 (static jetways), 40-45 (incl. 40L and 41L)
GA ramps 7-12 to the south
Military parking spots M1-M3 (south) and M4-M6 (north)
Fuel box by TWY N and the heli hangar
Helipads included on TWY Y and TWY J
Custom buildings imported from Airports of Norway / Norway Airports, with permission
Though the texture resolution may be a bit low for the time being
Radio frequencies corresponing to real life

Buidlings / Scenery:
                - Fixed asset paths to comply with the stricter structure that has been
                  enforced with MSFS
                - Added basic gravel apron to cover the out of date Bing imagery by 
                  RWY 09.

                - Improved the river heightmap in the immediate area around the airport
                  (from the ocean to the Forra merge east of Hegra)

    -Place the unzipped gh-aiport-enva-vaernes folder in your Community content folder.

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