Flight Simulator 2020 - Flight Sim Squadron A6M2 Zero Aircraft - V.1.0

With the recent release of our new Season Pass, one of the key WW2 Fighters is the A6M2 Zero.

This is an iconic plane and we wanted to bring it into the squadron however it has one challenge from our perspective that is more difficult to realise than we initially thought, this is the angle when at rest.

Right now all aircraft we created sit horizontally but this one changes angle based on take off due to the speed of travel at the lift under the wings.

The cheap and shot approach is to change the actual model files but this resulted in a plane that flew at an angle that wasn’t realistic. It looked pretty but wasn’t a true reflection of what happens in reality.

After spending time digging through the config files, I managed to get this working.

and this, pretty beautiful, brings a tear to my eye.

A little more tinkering and we have this

The other issue is to make it fly properly due to the balance of the plane and its properties. I managed to strike a good balance but please feel free to tweak the [Flight Tuning] in the flight.model.cfg file and share your preferred flight configs and we can update the models for others to enjoy.

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