Update! MSFS2020 - Garmin G1000 Improvements Mods - V.0.3.4


  • Fixed compatibility problems with FBW A320
  • Fixed nav map not drawing approach paths
  • Compatibility with and improvements from v1.12.13.0.


  • Updated for MSFS 1.10.7 Compatability
  • Keep the G1000 from breaking synthetic vision on the G3000 and G3Xes
  • Fix WPT-page maps breaking on the MFD when in Track Up.

Main features

  • Added track-up mode for both PFD and MFD
  • Fixed unwanted U-turn on ACTIVATE APPROACH
  • Fixed reversed behavior of NOSE UP/DN buttons in FLC mode
  • Added a preference saving system tied to plane model
  • Configured it to currently preserve the following across sessions:
  • PFD and MFD brightness
  • V Speeds
  • Track up mode
  • Barometer mode
  • HSI settings for BRG1, BRG2, and DME
  • Support loading plane configuration information even in encrypted planes
  • Detect hardware avionics knobs in all models and configure them automatically
  • Added support for additional XML-configurable ENGINE pages on MFD
  • Lots of changes to colors and styling to closer match reality

PFD and MFD enhancements

  • Added a flight path marker on the PFD when in Syn Vis mode above 30kts
  • Added new vertical column type gauge for engine display
  • Updated circular gauge to support custom gradations and rounding
  • Added a new blinking yellow status for engine gauges
  • Correctly handle wind data when on ground or wind speed <1 knot
  • Fixed reversed wind arrow at all times on MFD
  • Improve MFD soft key menus, including new switch for TRACK UP
  • Increased MFD max range to 2000 with more intermediate steps
  • Move weather radar to MAP page group, only show if radar is on board
  • Change brightness of PFD/MFD knobs and softkeys along with display

Styling improvements

  • Change PFD and MFD headers to more closely match the real font size, spacing, and colour
  • More accurate colors on attitude indicator, horizon, and map; new gradient on horizon
  • Updated flight director and attitude arrows
  • Updated styling of airport waypoint info page (more to come)
  • Updated styling of softkey menus to be more realistic
  • Miscellaneous
  • Added sample engine page configuration for G36 Bonanza
  • Fix false DON'T SINK alert when flying patterns / touch and goes
  • Improve representation of whole numbers as decimals
This mod can be installed just like any other MSFS mod:  simply drag the `workingtitle-g1000` folder from the zip file into your flight simulator's `Community` directory.


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