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Update! MSFS2020 - Garmin G1000 Improvements Mods - V.0.3.1


Keep the G1000 from breaking synthetic vision on the G3000 and G3Xes

Fix WPT-page maps breaking on the MFD when in Track Up.

Main features

Added track-up mode for both PFD and MFD

Fixed unwanted U-turn on ACTIVATE APPROACH

Fixed reversed behavior of NOSE UP/DN buttons in FLC mode

Added a preference saving system tied to plane model

Configured it to currently preserve the following across sessions:

PFD and MFD brightness

V Speeds

Track up mode

Barometer mode

HSI settings for BRG1, BRG2, and DME

Support loading plane configuration information even in encrypted planes

Detect hardware avionics knobs in all models and configure them automatically

Added support for additional XML-configurable ENGINE pages on MFD

Lots of changes to colors and styling to closer match reality

PFD and MFD enhancements

Added a flight path marker on the PFD when in Syn Vis mode above 30kts

Added new vertical column type gauge for engine display

Updated circular gauge to support custom gradations and rounding

Added a new blinking yellow status for engine gauges

Correctly handle wind data when on ground or wind speed <1 knot

Fixed reversed wind arrow at all times on MFD

Improve MFD soft key menus, including new switch for TRACK UP

Increased MFD max range to 2000 with more intermediate steps

Move weather radar to MAP page group, only show if radar is on board

Change brightness of PFD/MFD knobs and softkeys along with display

Styling improvements

Change PFD and MFD headers to more closely match the real font size, spacing, and colour

More accurate colors on attitude indicator, horizon, and map; new gradient on horizon

Updated flight director and attitude arrows

Updated styling of airport waypoint info page (more to come)

Updated styling of softkey menus to be more realistic


Added sample engine page configuration for G36 Bonanza

Fix false DON'T SINK alert when flying patterns / touch and goes

Improve representation of whole numbers as decimals

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