Update! MSFS2020 - JMB Aircraft VL-3 Rotax 915 Improvement Mod & Liveries - V.0.42

This project is a realism and conversion mod turning the stock VL-3 912 into the versatile JMB Aircraft VL-3 915 top-of-the-line edition. This sporty composite plane is the fastest Ultra Light side-by-side in the world, able to sustain 370kph / 200kts cruise speeds at FL180 yet requiring only 180m / 590ft of runway.


        • Glareshield light adjustment.
        • Replaced missing json file for Lion prop texture.
        • Changed ICAO identity for Multiplayer.


        • General issues, version and bug fixes.


        • Fix for rpm adjustment knob.


        • Compatibility update for the December patch.


        Liveries should be working correctly.
        More refinements to the flight model and systems.
        Tail strobe improved (Thanks Uwa!).


        Lighting Overhaul

        This release incorporates Uwa's lighting mod into our aircraft, and due to popular demand, we have added a glareshield that can be activated for nighttime flying. It can be used by mapping your controls for "glareshield" in the game options.

        Please note: There was an issue with the release that has since been corrected, if you are having problems, please re-download! Apologies!


        Continued tweaking and refining of the plane.

        The Engine

        We have upgraded the default Rotax 912 to the more powerful Rotax 915 iS engine. Fuel injected and turbo charged, it delivers a massive 141HP to an airframe that only weighs 600kg / 1322lbs at MTOW. A superb power to weight ratio that is guaranteed to turn the VL-3 into a pure joy machine!

        We have gone through great lengths to simulate every aspect of this powerplant, including oil temperatures, cooling temperatures, pressures, gearbox ratio, RPM ranges, critical altitude, compression ratio and a lot more.

        The Propeller

        The real VL-3 915 comes with an upgraded propeller, and so does ours. The 3 bladed constant speed and variable pitch 173.8cm / 5.7ft Woodcomp KW-31.

        While updating the actual 3D model is currently beyond our project scope (you will still see 2 blades), the KW-31's performance is simulated in excruciating detail.

        The Flight Model

        Many hours have gone into creating the refined flight model as you experience it today. We have carefully analyzed factory data, observed videos, conducted hundreds of test flights and processed feedback from certified pilots (including a real test pilot) in order to give you the most authentic flight experience possible.

        You can be assured that cruise speeds and climb rates (at all altitudes), taxiing, takeoff and landing behavior, clean and landing config stall speeds, roll rates, fuel consumption and so much more is closely or exactly matching POH (Pilot Operating Handbook) specifications.

        The Cockpit

        The G3X has seen a major overhaul. The engine panel has practically been recoded and now accurately covers the gamut of white, green, yellow and red ranges for all engine information.

        Since updating the main display itself would affect all other planes with a G3X as well, we made this a seperate (Working Title) project so you can choose to install it. It comes with a fully functional autopilot, wind data, and various helpful alerts (parking brakes, fuel inbalance, overspeed, pitot heat, low voltage, the list goes on).

        It is still in alpha status right now, and any bugs are likely already known (no need to report anything at the moment):

        Download the Working Title GX Mod

        For instructions on how to use it, you may watch a demo on a real G3X AP.

        The speed steam gauge has been converted to knots in order to align with data presented in the G3X.

        The Liveries

        Our project includes an ever-growing and diverse collection of liveries, contributed by various team members. Surely there is something to suit your taste!

        All our liveries are updated with authentic VL-3 915 performance placards inside the cockpit.

        Our current liveries


        • Renamed liveries for more consistency between them
        • New Livery available: "Lion"
        • Removed the wind data arrow for the moment (because it affects other planes), working on a solution to get it back
        • Improved realism at high altitude (critical altitude, cruise altitude, service ceiling on target)
        • Climb speeds at all altitudes according to the POH
        • Many engine and aerodynamic improvements
        • Overspeed sound effects (rattling noise) now starts only at much higher speeds
        • Improved ground handling significantly
        • Much less twitchy during take-off roll
        • Updated the power chart inside the cockpit to reflect the Rotax 915iS performance

        Install the Mod

        Extract the downloaded ZIP file

        Drag the folder named community-vl3rotax915 directly into the Community folder

        On your computer, search for the Community folder of Flight Simulator 2020. The location of this folder depends on whether you have installed it from the Windows Store, Steam and also if you have changed the folder where the packages are located.

        • If you changed the location of packages, it's the simplest because you should find a Community sub folder in it.
        • For Steam, it should be located in C:\Users\[Computer Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightDashboard_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community
        • For Windows Store C:\Users\[Computer Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community

        To access the AppData\Local folder directly, type %appdata% in the Windows search bar to open the folder quickly, then navigate back to Local.

        V.0.42 dev

        File Size : 253 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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