Update! MSFS2020 - Greater Toronto Area Enhancement Pack HD - V.3.1.0

This pack features hand-picked key areas around Greater Toronto Area to compliment default photogrammetry and autogen areas and default terrain fixes for maximum VFR flight and IFR approaches enjoyment.  
All areas implement 3 LOD levels, minimizing FPS impact
Photogrammetry is heavily edited and texture color, contrast and brightness is carefully corrected to match surrounding autogen scenery
Custom night lighting, including flashing strobes on tall buildings and facade illumination
Stock buildings, cars, trains, antennas and other objects are added to enrich the scenery

CN Tower - improved detailed model, realistic night lighting, red and white strobes
Bloor One building (missing in default photogrammetry)
Midtown highrise area
North York - Younge street highrise area
Humber Bay Shores, Humber Bay Arch Bridge
Mississauga Downtown, Square One mall
Humber river “aqueduct” ridge terrain fix
Oakville Downtown, lighthouse with beacon
Oakville Trafalgar Hospital with helipad and surrounding area
Downsview Airport CYZD enhancement - cars, buildings, objects etc.
Burlington Executive Airport CZBA enhancement- photogrammetry, cars, buildings, objects etc.
Buttonville CYKZ enhancements - cars, buildings, objects etc.
Cathedral of the Transfiguration, Cathedraltown
Radio towers with beacons in Missisauga/Oakville areas
Scarborough City Centre
Canada's Wonderland
Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
Exhibition place animated Windmill with flashing night beacon
The areas of the pack are very close to CYYZ - Toronto Pearson International Airport. Toronto has photogrammetry in MSFS, and Toronto Island CYTZ is a custom airport, but photogrammetry ends outside of Toronto proper, and starts again around Burlington and Hamilton area. Many important Greater Toronto Area VFR landmarks and POI are left to autogen.

I've decided to correct that as much as I can, as well as fix some glaring terrain errors, such as a huge and long weird "aqueduct" type ridge with a Humber river on top.

I'm aiming for making the whole GTA area comfortable for VFR flights and authentic CYYZ approaches and departures, and make local GA flights more enjoyable. So far I've done Oakville downtown and now Missisauga downtown. Meshes optimized and heavily edited, textures color corrected to blend with autogen building.
Unzip into Community folder. There are 3 zip files, each corresponds to a major area. They are designed to work together, so install all three. After installation your Community folder should have three new subfolders: /oakville/, /mississauga/ and /toronto/.

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