Update! MSFS2020 - Niagara Falls Enhancement Pack - V.2.0

This pack features enhanced scenery for Niagara Falls area (Canada/USA) with animated color-changing night illumination of the falls, to compliment default photogrammetry and autogen areas and default terrain fixes for maximum VFR flight enjoyment.  Default Niagara Falls have photogrammetry but the actual falls are totally broken. They are beyond ugly, they are simply unbearable. Unfortunately the terrain editor is very buggy, so it's not possible to completely fix them. However using a combination of terrain terraforming polygons and imported photogrammetry I made them as good as I can, considering the broken state of the SDK. Please note: don't expect a perfect result, because it's not. But I think this pack looks much better than default, and cyclic random color illumination of the falls at night looks really nice. The power generation dams are out of default photogrammetry area and were completely flat. I added them, and also replaced several fugly opaque bridges with proper transparent models.
Version 2.0
Mississauga v3.0.0 is updated to conform to new and stricted MSFS scenery requirements to avoid potential CTD issue.


3 LOD levels, minimizing FPS impact
Photogrammetry is heavily edited and texture color, contrast and brightness is carefully corrected to match surrounding autogen scenery
Custom night Niagara Falls lighting, multiple color-changing lights, Seneca Casino and Skylon tower beacons and colored facade illumination


Horseshoe Falls - Canadian side
Niagara Falls - USA side
Rainbow Bridge
Whirlpool Rapids Bridge
Whirlpool Rapids Railroad Bridge
New York Power Authority dam and power station
Sir Adam Beck No. 2 Generating Station (Ontario Generation)
Lewiston-Queenston Bridge
Skylon tower top beacon and red night illumination
Seneca Casino (US) facade cycling color night illumination


Unzip into Community folder. After installation your Community folder should have a new subfolder: /niagara/.

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