Update! MSFS2020 - Immersive Aviation - Voice Attack Profile - V.1.1

Immersive Aviation:

Updated for MSFS 1.9.3

Immersive Aviation is a work in progress mod for those who have a full, paid version of Voice Attack. However, I am also including a free 20 command profile for those who only have the trial version of Voice Attack who want to try it out and see what its like before they buy. Voice attack is a program that allows you to issue keyboard commands to your PC using only your voice, its fantastic for sims and great for VR! It only costs $10 and I highly recommend it.

About the Mod:

A) Voiced responses for most commands you issue, using Amazon Pollys neural text to speech network. Filtered using Audacity, Ive added in realistic sounding radio buzzes and "COMS" static so it sounds like your virtual co-pilot is really there with you.

B) Most functionality for basic aviation included, including autopilot support.

C) The beginnings of custom checklist procedures, where your virtual co-pilot will go through the checklist and get everything done for you. In some cases, she will ask for your help (because there are some buttons/switches in the game that cannot be bound to a key). Watch my youtube showcase video for how that works.

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