MSFS2020 - Landing Inspector App - V.1.2

MSFS Landing Inspector is a tool for analyzing landings in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It reads the airplane’s telemetry data via SimConnect and displays relevant information about your landing in a web browser. The MSFS Landing Inspector is free to use.

October 7, 2020: Update Version 1.2:

Improved G force values at touchdown.

Added new data readings and graphs for airspeed, pitch, bank, heading, wind speed/direction.

Added custom icons for HTML site.

MSFS Landing Inspector displays the following data:

  • Current vertical G force
  • Current vertical speed
  • Touchdown G force
  • Touchdown vertical speed
  • Touchdown airspeed
  • Touchdown pitch, bank and heading
  • Touchdown wind speed and direction
  • Graph showing G forces during landing
  • Graph showing vertical speed during landing
  • Graph showing altitude above ground during landing
  • Graph showing airspeed during landing
  • Graph showing pitch, bank and heading during landing
  • Graph showing wind speed and direction during landing
All you have to do is launch the EXE and have fun analyzing your landings.

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