Flight Simulator 2020 - LFHU Alpe d'Huez Airport Scenery, France - V.0.1.0 [HD]

Installation is the same as for most mods, simply extract the folder and place it in the Community folder.

Alpe D'Huez (LFHU) is a tiny paved altiport hidden inside the French Alps. It features a 1500ft sloped runway similar to that found in Courchevel.

Landings only occur upslope on runway 06 with takeoffs taking place from runway 24. 

Features (0.1.0): 
- Re-terraformed the runway and parking lot to better replicate real life
- Made the control tower in Blender
- Replaced default AI buildings with hangars
- Added windsock to proper location
- Added fuel box
- Fixed roads surrounding the airport
- Fixed up the sports complex near the bottom of the runway
- Added more accurate taxiway lines and runway markings. 
- Covered any satellite image artefacts like parked planes and shadows.
- Added and removed trees where appropriate

Future Updates:
- I do plan on making the hangars and restaurant in Blender eventually but that is a long term project and not high on my to-do list. It will take me a lot of time to build all of the models and texture them properly whereas for now the standard buildings Asobo offers do the job well enough.

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