Update! MSFS2020 - Airbus A330-300 Liveries Pack V.3.70 [HD +70 Liveries] + Light Fix

How to install:
-Put all liveries folders in Airbus_A330_300TR
-Put the aircraft.cfg file in Airbus_A330_300TR and replace the old one (keep a backup in case)
-Put the layout.json file in A330-300 and replace the old one (keep a backup in place), Make sure the layout.json is in the same folder as the Simobjects folder, NOT the same place you put text

Light Fix
  • I have adjusted the taxi light, nose takeoff light, runway turnoff lights, and the strobes on the wings. The lights aren't perfect, I just wanted something since they were not working on my A330. This is the systems.csg file where I have adjusted the location of each of those light nodes. The taxi light is actually a landing light node but at least it works.

Liveries List
-Air Canada
-Air Canada New
-Air Canada Star Alliance
-Air Europa
-Aer Lingus Old Livery
-Air Inter
-Air Asia   
-Air Asia Phoenix
-Air Berlin
-Cebu Pacific
-Hainan Airlines
-Cathay Dragon Old
-Cathay Pacific
-Cathay Pacific New
-Hong-Kong Airlines
-Brussels Airlines
-Lufthansa Old Livery
-Lufthansa New Livery
-Air Caraibes
-Gulf Air
-Olympic Airlines
-Oman Air
-Pakistan International
-SATA airlines
-SAS Star Alliance
-Singapore Airlines
-Swissair Old
-Swissair New
-TAP retro livery
-Thomas Cook
-Korean Air
-Turkish Airlines
-US Airways
-Virgin Atlantic
-Thai Airways
-WOW air
-Air Transat new
-Air Luxor
-Evelop Old
-Evelop New
-Fiji Airways
-Saudi Arabian
-Corsair International
-Air Greenland
-Air France
-American Airlines

A330-300 V.3.70
Light Fix

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  1. how to download the liveries? not the airplane

  2. How do I create liveries for the A330? I want to make a custom liveri for my personal use...
    when I open the texture for existing liveries and edit them, it does not show up in the game :(

  3. Please it is impossible to find the Airbus_A330_300TR folder, how and where is it supposed to be found ???

  4. Hi all, I had the same problem with these liveries but then I realised that this is only an update to an existing package. The existing livery package must be installed first as it has a folder called A330-300\SimObjects\AIRPLANES and that's where the Airbus_A330_300TR folder lives. I have a base livery package for this called A330LiveriesMegaPackVersion0.1.zip dated 2/3/2021 which contains the required A330-300 folder

  5. if you want the actual plane with a330_300_TR get it here:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PzWVJT4L93_K23BG3Y5xEBnWOdDQtB9t


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