Update! MSFS2020 - Merrill C. Meigs Field KCGX Airport Scenery - V.1.6 [4K]

Meigs Field... No need to explain the nostalgic importance of this airfield... Remember those good old days again with this full recreation of Meigs Field!

Take off again from runway 36 and see the Chicago buildings landscape in the background, just like 20 years ago ;)

Or simply enjoy this magnificent field to plan your trips around Chicago.

Three custom parking areas, detailed textures, full night lighting, etc. 

Version 1.6

  • - Complete remake of the Bay Area, with custom night lighting.
  • - Improved compatibility with DD Chicago Landmarks addon (third party).

Version 1.5

  • - Solved a problem affecting some users where the airport needs to be reinstalled after each FS update.
  • - Added new light poles to improve night lighting.
  • - Improved runway, painted lines and apron textures.

Version 1.4

- Finally solved the ground pump issue. Now runway, taxiways and aprons are "smooth" concrete, as they should be ;)

- Added ATC functionality: Ground, Tower and Ground services (including pushback and fuel).

- Complete rework of taxiways and parking areas (three diferent parking areas: "Parking (center)", "North parking" and "South parking".

- Corrected the missing lights problem in some areas of the taxiways. Now all lights are perfectly aligned with taxiway edges.

- Added new textures for parking slots.

Version 1.3.1

More realistic grass texture.

More realistic runway texture (according to historical accuracy).

Full remake of the bay and docks (no more ugly textures over the water).

Version 1.3

Complete remake of the bay close to the airport with actual ships and docks.

Correction of windsocks wind direction.

Correction of some missing runway lights.

Version 1.2

- Corrected VASI to reflect historical accuracy.

- Applied historically accurate runway markings.

- Removed unhistorical windsocks.

Version 1.1

- Added VASI/PAPI to both runways.

- Corrected swap on runway selection. Now if you select runway 36, you will take-off from runway 36 :)

- Corrected runway markings to be more historically accurate.

- Corrected trafic pattern to be historically accurate according to charts.

- Placed windsock on historically accurate placement near the tower (due to the lack of ATC yet, I have kept two windsocks at the start of both runways. Not historically acurate but useful for flying purposes :)

- Addedd more details to the scenery.

Known issues (to be solved)

- Some users are experiencing an extreme bump while taxing and the water lake can still be seen in the G1000 GPS screen. This is due to actual limtations of the SDK when creating airports over wild land (land where ther was no previous airport coded in the game). I´m working on it but probably will have to wait until there is an SDK update.

- For same reason, full ATC cannot be implmented yet (not yet supoorted by SDK).

Install instructions

1. Remove any previous intallation on the "community" folder. 

2. Unzip.

3. Copy the folder "guillermozulueta-meigs" on "C:\Users\[YOUR_USER_NAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\".

4. Enjoy

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  1. WOW! Thank you so much! This is a GREAT addon! TY for bringing back the real home field!


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