Update! MSFS2020 - P52 Cottonwood Airport Scenery - V.1.3.6

Before - After


Hand crafted airport and scenery
Plenty of GA parking spots
Custom apron and taxiway textures
Added custom objects from airport (Cottonwood ground painting, overhang parking structure)
Fixed many of the roads in the area
Fixed many of the buildings that didn't auto generate
Better ground textures and vegetation
Realistic look and feel
Realistic night lighting around the hangars/runway/aprons
Beautiful mountain scenery overlooking the airport
Approx ~90 miles (~144 kilometers) North of downtown Phoenix, Arizona

  • Fixed issue with parking that pertained to having "Take Off Assist" turned on.


Fixed an issue where some people were having missing custom textures
Better textures for aprons
Added more 3D objects and walls around the airport
Add some more roads/sidewalks in the surrounding area
Added more vegetation in the area
Fixed some vegetation populating on roads
Fixed some custom 3D objects that may have appeared floating or off colored
Fixed a lot of parking T lines (still some more work left here too)

Installation Instructions

Download the .zip file from Releases (or zip file here)
Extract files to the your Microsoft Flight Simulator Community Folder

File Size : 36 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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