Update! MSFS2020 - EGHQ Newquay Airport - St Mawgan AB Scenery, United Kingdom - V.1.7 [4K]

This is a reworkathon of EGHQ Newquay Airport /RAF St Mawgan. 

Back in olden times before we donkey punched grannies who came within 10 metres of us I often used to take the night train up to Gatwick to fly back to Newquay for the pure living hell of it. The seated carriage for the deadbeats who didn't book a bed made for superb pick pocketing too. 

Nothing beats arriving in Newquay with grimy eyes and a greasy chuff knowing you have another 4-5 hours on buses and trains to go to wind up exactly where you started from 16 hours ago. Take it from me. 

I've seen worse in sim airports but this still needed going over big time. Not too far off every single building has been liquidated and replaced or installed where there wasn't one before. I can't help that not too far off every single replacement building is beige. Did Asobo lose a bet? 

On the industrial estate side there were roaming packs of tower blocks so they've all been wiped out and that whole section has been fiddled with too. It has been fenced to within an inch of its life but they couldn't cope with some gradients so they're a bit daffy in places. Other outlying areas have been populated such as the fire training bit. Lighting has been smeared liberally. 

Other than the runway every single ground texture has been binned and replaced with something closer to reality but I did start to lose the plot with that so some are a bit cheesy still. The autogen terminal has been replaced with something much tastier than the real thing. You deserve it.

Lots of diverse things happen here like plane scrappage and museums. Unfortunately I don't have many items to play with so you'll have to use your imagination with much of it.

This turned my brain to mush and my carers often found me babbling about finding the right shade of asphalt so there are bits that still need finishing and a few slip ups here and there. I'll return to it with fresh eyes as soon as I find a pair I like.

V 1.1 has a complete new taxi system and the odd cleanup here and there. Planes now point the right way on the main apron which was my prime irritant. I tried and failed to change the name back to Newquay. 

As so often seems the case none of the original parking spaces had anything other than fuel and pushback to offer. Spaces 20-23 on the main apron now have all of the services, but 20 and 21 are the ones for you if you're a big un, plus two on the south apron. The correct GA parking has been added on the top right. 

When you replace the taxi system you also have to replace the runway. For some reason this never quite matches the original.  The new one is a closer match to the satellite photo but this may mess with your ILS.

To be perfectly honest I couldn't give a toss as I can never get it right and my response will be 'quel dommage' and then I'll return to perusing my copy of Vogue. If you continue to pester me I'll throw in the original version with the next update. Dunno if that works either though.

Version 1.7
  • Sorts out some bent taxi lines.
  • Improves some ground textures.
  • Adds a bit more extra detail here and there.
  • The second download, the G7 edition, adds a heliport at Treganna Castle in Carbis Bay EGG7

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