Update! MSFS2020 - VHHX Kai Tak Airport Scenery - Hong Kong - V.3.2.3

Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong. 

Closed in 1998 and not in the sim obviously. 

This is something of a work in progress and not an exact replica as the modern satellite photos of the ruins are a proper mess so some of it needed covering up. 

These days several roads cross the site so you'll be enjoying a steady stream of cars plus a wonderful light show at night that can't be removed. 

Due to the limitations of the site and the program to fiddle with it, and myself of course, I think this is always going to be something of a cartoon airport, but always a fun one too. 

I can't figure out how to place or modify an approach pattern, or if that's possible at all with a scratch built airport, so if you want to do the approach this airport is famous for you'll need to place yourself manually. 

1.1 Has been cleaned up a fair bit with plenty more detail added like full fencing and more ground markings and aprons. 

1.2 All of the parking spaces have been added and a much more exact approximation of the apron layout completed. 

Custom terminal by srinivasman
Better ground markings
Proper ATC

  • Sim Update 10 compiled
  • Rebuilt runway to try and solve the issue of missing runway lights that some people were having
  • Adjusted lead in lights to be brighter when on turn to final
  • Added custom markings to the runway to be more accurate to Kai Tak original.
  • Fixed jetway that was separated from linkspan.
  • Improved ground textures in a lot of areas
  • Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a fix on the cars crossing the runway yet

Other than that highlight, taxiways have been repaired. Taxiway signs and proper ATC have been added. Better ground markings have been applied but I still to need find more photos of the original set up. A more detailed freight terminal has been made. I think I stuck some ILS in there but I always seem to balls that up so it probably don't work. 

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