Update! Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - Airbus 320 Neo Improvement Mod V0.4.1


The purpose of this release is to make v0.4.0 compatible with MSFS 1.10.7.

[MISC] Include some of the Asobo 1.10.7 changes to make mod compatible with said version

[CDU] Fix not being able to enter ZFWCG




[CDU] Add "Closest Airports" page 

[CDU] Add approach waypoints to DCT page 

[CDU] Add IRS INIT page 

[CHECKLISTS] Added several situations from QRH to checklists 

[DCDU] Add basic functionality and display 

[ECAM] Added cockpit door video 

[ECAM] Added engine FADEC power supply logic

[ECAM] Added messages related to anti-skid / N.W. steering being off

[ECAM] Added spoiler functionality to ECAM page 

[GPWS] Added Pull Up, Sink Rate, Dont sink GPWS with default sounds

[LIVERY] Bundle the FlyByWire livery 

[ND] Added WX/TERR on ND brightness knob, fix ND/PFD brightness tooltips

[OVHD] Implement additional overhead button/switch functionality (EMER ELEC, EVAC, air data switching, etc.)

[OVHD] Implemented missing functionality for multiple overhead buttons and switches

[PFD] Added the ability to display metric altitudes

[SAI] Added brightness adjustment and attitude reset

[SAI] Added bugs page

[SOUND] Added 3D emitters for all sounds

[SOUND] Added new sounds for fuel pumps, flaps, ground roll and rattles, touchdowns, and wind

[SOUND] Added new startup sounds 

[SOUND] Added sounds for EVAC horn, EMER cabin call, mech horn, gear extend/retract, and cargo door

[MISC] Separated Captian and F/O displays 

[MISC] New custom display font for PFD/ND/ECAM/MCDU, unified CSS and colours of ECAM pages


[CDU] Improved the VERT REV page

[CDU] Revised INIT A & B Page 

[CDU] Revised blue, green and amber colours on CDU

[CDU] Updated HOLD Page to honeywell spec, PLAN page updated to show holds

[ECAM] Improved APU ECAM visuals

[ECAM] Improved BLEED ECAM page visuals and functionality

[ECAM] Improved FUEL ECAM page visuals and corrected center pump inconsistency

[ECAM] Improved ENGINE ECAM page

[ECAM] Overhauled WHEEL ECAM page

[ECAM] Improved ELAC/SEC warning colour

[ND] Change ND sizing

[PFD] Adjust vertical Flight Director offset

[PFD] Correct PFD attitude indicator onground/inflight

[LIGHTS] Improved Strobe, Nav and beacon lights

[SYSTEMS] Pitot heating should now be active while engines are running


[CDU] Fixed certain STARs not showing on arrivals page

[CDU] Follow green dot speed on approach with flaps clean

[ECAM] Fixed ECAM wheel page being selected before all gears are downlocked

[ECAM] Made open doors on DOOR/OXY page amber instead of green

[FCU] Fixed incrementing the QNH while in hPa mode

[LIGHTS] Fixed DIM/BRT Lights inside the cockpit - Overhead should now be visible

[OVHD] Fixed battery indicator colour

[OVHD] Made AIR COND knobs continuous

[PFD] Fix Radio altimeter only updating every second 

[PFD] Fixed FD bars appearing on PFD when on the ground

[ND] Fixed cyan heading bug not showing on ND in VOR and LS modes

[ND] Hide the aircraft indicator in PLAN mode while ADIRS are not aligned 

[TEXTURES] Changed overhead panel texture (decals, colour, detail) 

[TEXTURES] Changed colour of FD Panel 

[TEXTURES] Changed texture of glareshield and added details 

[TEXTURES] Fixed Speed Plaque and cleaned up texture on cockpit, some colour corrections and more decals 

[TEXTURES] Higher resoloution main panel, fixed glareshield texture error

[SAI] Fixed font and behaviour on power loss

[SAI] Standby Instrument stays ON if emergency power should be available, other bug fixes


[MISC] Removed fuel patch for MSFS update 1.8.3

[PFD] Remove code related to irrelevant aircraft


Installation is really simple. You only have to download the "A32NX" folder.

For the Microsoft Store edition AND/OR Gamepass edition:

Copy the "A32NX" folder into your community package folder. It is located in: C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_<RANDOMLETTERS>\LocalCache\Packages\Community.

For the Steam edition:

Copy the "A32NX" folder into your community package folder. It is located in: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community.

For the Boxed edition:

Copy the "A32NX" folder into your community package folder. It is located in: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\MSFSPackages\Community.



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