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QSimPlanner - Fuel, Route & Performance Calculations [X-plane, FS9, FSX, P3D]

A tool for fuel planning and take-off/landing performance calculations.


Flight planner

  • Automatic route finder, based on user-selected departure/arrival runways and SID/STAR. Also finds route to alternate airport.
  • Find wind-optimized route.
  • Possible to find a route which avoids certain country's airspace.
  • Analyze existing routes, and use "AUTO" and "RAND" commands to complete a partial route.
  • Automatically download and parse tracks. Supports North Atlantic Tracks (NATs), Pacific Tracks (PACOTs) and Australian Organised Track Structure (AUSOTS).
  • Export flight plans formats: X-plane, FS9, FSX, FSX: Steam edition, P3D v1 to v4, PMDG, PMDG wind uplink, Aerosoft Airbus, Flight Factor 777, Flight Factor A320, Ifly 737, Ifly 747 v2, JarDesign Airbus.
  • Download real time wind aloft from NOAA.
  • Compute required fuel for flight, using real-world upper wind and several user-specified parameters, such as taxi time, planned holding time and final reserve.
  • NavDataPro/Navigraph data format support.
  • Take-off/Landing calculator
  • Accurate take-off distance computation based on wind, anti-ice setting and packs, etc.
  • Assumed temperature takeoff is supported. For some aircrafts fixed derate (TO1, TO2) is available.
  • Landing calculation with custom flaps, autobrakes setting, and runway surface conditions.

Nav Data

Project Status

  • Currently the aircrafts available are
  • A318/A319/A320/A321
  • 737-600/700/800/900
  • 747-400/400F/8/8F
  • 777-200LR
  • 777-300ER
  • 777F
  • 787-8

QSimPlanner - Fuel, Route & Performance Calculations

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