Update! Flight Simulator 2020 - FlightShare App - V.1.9


      • -Minor Bug Fixes and Performance improvements
      • -Removed Fuel Top Off Setting as this was fixed directly in Sim
      • -Simplified user interface by removing Chat Window, Friends list


      • Map - You can now right click to copy Lat/Lon for any location
      • Map - You can now click Lock Waypoints to lock your waypoints. Handy if you accidentally grab one when map panning.
      • Fun - Sound Pack - Numerous cabin announcements
      • Sim - In Game Notifications of Waypoints and Landing FPM
      • Sim - In Game Visuals of Waypoints
      • Misc other features and performance improvements.


      • Map - Teleport To Airport - Right click an airport to teleport directly to that airport. Airports without runway data should teleport you close by.
      • Settings - Scenery - Thank you to @Fury for making some custom airports. You can simply click download and then restart your SIM.
      • Defaults - Your settings for Teleportation Altitude and Speed and Approach Waypoint Speed/Distance will now be retained between sessions.
      • Server Airports - Information about airports is now stored on the server. This means we can now add/update the data as needed. Just put a note in /support if you have any data updates.
      • Saved the best for last...
      • AI - Yep. You can now create AI Aircraft to fly along with you. You can also create some other fun objects. Click AI at the top.


      • A few new features and improvements have been published.
      • - Waypoints - Flight Plans are here! Make your waypoints and save them as a Flight Plan. You can also see other pilot's flight plans.
      • - Waypoints - "Keep" feature. If enabled on a waypoint, the waypoint will not be removed when it is flown by. Useful for creating interesting circuits or hold patterns.
      • - Waypoints - The circles around waypoints and airports are now dynamically resized based on the map zoom level. This makes it much easier to drag and move them around when zoomed in.
      • - Waypoints - Auto Throttle checkbox added. Similar to AP Master checkbox, this synchronizes with the plane.
      • - Messages - You can now have small conversations using the messages feature at the bottom. Useful for the common "what server you on?"
      • - New Setting - Fuel Topoff - Once enabled, your plane's fuel should be automatically topped off when needed.
      • - Follow Mode - Logic improved to prevent overshoot when following another plane.
      • - Misc performance updates.

      Current features include:

      Real Maps!

      GPS Tracks - Real time GPS track of your aircraft

      Instant Teleportation anywhere in the world

      Pilot List - Shows information about all other pilots flying.

      Instantly Teleport to the other planes you are flying with

      Follow Mode - Click FLW to follow another plane. This will create a dynamic waypoint to that plane

      Other Pilots GPS Tracks - Real time GPS track of the other pilots you are flying with

      Easily Create Waypoints by just right clicking on the map

      Your plane's autopilot will follow your waypoints!

      Move waypoints by dragging them on the map, autopilot will move accordingly

      Click any airport to see detailed runway information

      Create automatic landing waypoints on to any airport

      Visual landing guidance most airports without the need for ILS

      Favorites - Right click the map to add, click Favorites to manage later

      Altitude History Graph

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