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Flight Simulator 2020 - FlightShare App - V.1.0

Current features include:

Real Maps!

GPS Tracks - Real time GPS track of your aircraft

Instant Teleportation anywhere in the world

Pilot List - Shows information about all other pilots flying.

Instantly Teleport to the other planes you are flying with

Follow Mode - Click FLW to follow another plane. This will create a dynamic waypoint to that plane

Other Pilots GPS Tracks - Real time GPS track of the other pilots you are flying with

Easily Create Waypoints by just right clicking on the map

Your plane's autopilot will follow your waypoints!

Move waypoints by dragging them on the map, autopilot will move accordingly

Click any airport to see detailed runway information

Create automatic landing waypoints on to any airport

Visual landing guidance most airports without the need for ILS

Favorites - Right click the map to add, click Favorites to manage later

Altitude History Graph

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