Update! Flight Simulator 2020 - vPilot Vatsim Modelmatching - V.5.1

This is a work in progress and has taken a lot of time - I hope you enjoy it.

The latest pack has tripled the file in size as I have decided to separate all the individual liveries and line them individually as I recognise not everyone has all the liveries so

I hope this actually increases compatability (it seems to have worked better for me and from user feedback) - but let me know if you encounter issues! It is normal to have a few liveries bumped on vPilot though

Note that it does require you to have the relevant liveries installed in your community folder for the model matching to find them. Liveries Mega Pack Download

        Version 5.0

        • B717, AN225, A300-600st Beluga in VATSIM model matching now!

        Version 4.0

        • More Airlines/Liveries!
        • Support CaptainSim B772 and its liveries

        Version 3.0.1

        • minor display error fix
        • fix ACA
        • Added ALPACA Airline for A320&CRJ (local liveries requested)

        Version 3.0

        • Added ALL new Aerosoft CRJ formats
        • 1. You need to have model matching ivao_x_csl file in your MSFS2020 community folder, link:
        •    https://www.ivao.aero/softdev/beta/altitudebeta.asp
        • 2. Place both vmr files in the vPilot files folder
        • 3. Add model matching files in vPilot client
        • 4. Make sure Airlines_Modelmatching_update-Plato.vmr is on top in vPilot

        Version 2.0.1

        - Updated numerous other liveries that have changed due to Patch 5

        - Added Aerolineas Argentinas (requested by a user!)

        - Added Air Corsica

        - Added Garuda Indonesia

        - Updated JetBlue to include the new "Bluerica Livery"

        Still waiting for other liveries to catch up and as before, I'll update in batches so the changes are beneficial!

        Version 2.0

        Latest Patch broke all liveries - creators are updating but some are altering the model names/titles from what they were before... I've had to re-write a lot of the file to update the changes. I've had to download and check every single model line so expect further updates as more liveries are updated to work after Patch 5.

        - Updated a large number of altered livery config lines due to the patch forcing all livery creators to re-work their files

        Added the following airlines too:

        - Air Luxor

        - SATA

        - LEVEL

        - Adria Airways

        - Peach Aviation

        - Martinair

        - Bamboo Airways

        - Dragonair

        - VietJet

        - AZUL

        - Itapemirim

        - Ansett Australia

        - Alexandair (Virtual Airline)

        - Premier (Virtual Airline)


        1. With vPilot already installed, take the .vmr Modelmatching file from my pack, and place it directly into your vPilot Files folder

        (likely in Documents unless placed elsewhere).

        2. Open vPilot - run as administrator is best

        3. Go to Settings - Modelmatching - Custom Rules

        4. Add Custom Rule Set(s)...  and select the .vmr file wherever you have put it

        5. Go back to the general Modelmatching settings tab and select Re-Scan

        6. Restart vPilot - **Run As Administrator** 

        Providing you have the relevant liveries installed it should now find the callsigns of other VATSIM traffic around

        you and assign the relevant liveries to them - i.e. EZY = easyJet livery thought vPilot sometimes says no and assigns something else at random!

        - Liveries may also fail to match if the livery creator did not create the config file correctly within the livery! Quite a few are missing the ICAO Airline lines.

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