NEW! MSFS2020 - ATR 72-600 Working Cockipt Fixed - V.2.6

Here is the ATR-72-600 with the working cockpit of the CJ4 for MSFS2020, this Addon was made by virtualcol for FSX and converted to MSFS. This Item will be constantly updated and improved. To install these files you will need to drag and drop them into your MSFS Community Folder. Anyone who wants to make liveries for this aircraft is granted the permission to since there are only a limited amount of liveries that already come with this aircraft. Any questions comment below and any problems comment below. Enjoy!!

Steps to fix your ATR72-600 to v2.6:

  • 1) Download this ATR:
  • 2) Extract flie into your community
  • 3) Extract fixes files into your ATR72-600 directory, sample: \Community\ATR72-600\SimObjects\AIRPLANES\atr725\ (replace all files)
  • 4) From \Community\ATR72-600\ run MSFSLayoutGenerator.exe to regenerate aircraft jason files.
  • 5) You can start engines with control+e, when both engine come up 50% IGT (look at engine gauges inside the cockpit), press Y *2 times, this will load ATR with engines started and running, Now you can complete your flight! 


This Addon was made by virtualcol for FSX and converted to MSFS. The interior cockpit features where made by Simviation. Permission to upload this fix file was obtained by virtualcol.
File Size : 17 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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