Update! MSFS2020 - AI Traffic Offline With Liveries Mod Pack - V.1.10

This mod adds flight plans for several EMIRATES, QANTAS, AIRFRANCE, ALITALIA, BRITISH, DELTA, EASYJET, KLM, LUFTHANSA, RYANAIR, SWISS airlines using generic Asobo aircraft with low CPU usage and higher FPS. I will gradually add the liveries and flight plans.

This od uses TheReaperr liveries, the rest of the liveries were made by me. was modifying the aircraft.cfg file to optimize performance.

The installation consists of unpacking the zip in the Community folder.

In the simulator settings follow the settings shown in the pictures.

Good flight!

Update 1.10

Finnair Airlines added.
Norwegian Airlines added.
Korean Air Airlines added.
Singapore Airlines added.
AirChina added.

Update 1.0.9

AerLingus Airlines added.
Asiana Airlines added.
Air Canada Airlines added.
Cathay Pacific Airlines added.
Austrian Airlines added.
TAP Air Portugal Airlines added.
Vueling Airlines added.
Aeromexico Airlines added.

Version 1.0.8

China Airlines added.
Ukraine International Airlines added.
kuwait Airlines added.
Turkish Airlines added.
Pegasus Airlines added.
Wizz Airlines added.
American Airlines added.
Aeroflot Airlines added.

Version 1.0.7

Fix Austral Lineas Aereas Airlines livery.
ANA, All Nippon Airways added.
Japan Airlines added.
LOT Polish Airlines added.

Version 1.0.6

Austral Lineas Aereas Airlines added.

New Zealand Airlines added.

Jetstar Airlines added.

Added over 100 flight plans for Qantas Airlines

Version 1.0.5

Iberia Airlines added.

JetBlue Airlines added.

Version 1.0.4

Scandinavian Airlines added.

Aegean Airlines added.

Update 1.0.3

1)bug fix

be careful, delete the old version first!

Update 1.0.2

1) AirBerlin airline added.

2) Spirit airline added.

Update 1.0.1

1) eliminated generic Asobo traffic

2) Southwest airline added.


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  1. Perfect , thank you so much!

  2. download provider sucks with virus, ads etc. Why not use something better_?

    1. HomeHOW TO PASS AD
      How to Pass Advertising
      byAdmin-August 29, 20200

      Click on download, then when ad fly comes up, look in the top right corner. Should say wait for 5 sec then skip ad or wait and the page may come up. Should see a blue button for download. May have to click it twice for the popup depending on your browser. Once you get through that without installing all the warts, you should see the zip file download with a save as. Make sure it is the same name as the file, and close all other popups without clicking on them. May have to have popups appear in a separate window.

  3. Wow tahx, would be nice to have now even more airlines

    1. But unfortunately, no matter at wich % settings traffic is, sim is unflyible due to the stutterieng, even FPS stays at 30 but stuttering is massive, I9-10900Kf and RTX2080 Super 8gt 32ram

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I noticed the AI planes only making takeoff, there is no AI planes landing at the airport, hope next version will include it.

  6. pouvez vous ajouter la compagnie air france et dautres grandes compagnie SVP

  7. Great job, but the traffic bgl files aren't read by the simulator. I check the traffic with littlenavmap and I see that the flight plan are randomized

  8. Bel lavoro. L'unica cosa, non credo che il simulatore legga il file bgl del traffico, perchè ho notato che i piani di volo degli aerei AI sono casuali. Ad esempio, aerei della Korean Air che decollano dalla Spagna e vanno in Inghilterra, oppure aerei Ucraini che decollano ed atterrano in Francia.
    Forse ho sbagliato qualcosa io nell'installazione, anche se la procedura sembra molto semplice

  9. Can you add Air India

  10. Is this compatible with SU5?

  11. Your web site sux, cant you just put the file out so we can download without all your bullshit spam.

  12. there are only liveries, can't seen any flight info.


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