MSFS2020 - NZWN Wellington International Airport Scenery, New Zealand - V.2.01 [4K]

This enhanced airport takes what Microsoft has provided ‘out of the box’ and adds additional features and modifications. Please delete the earlier version if you have it installed as this upload is a complete replacement for the version released in September. The original version will be deleted soon.

Prerequisites for maximum visual fidelity:

Both the latest patch ( and the free Japan scenery need to be installed (The scenery uses a few rock assetts from Japan)


Unzip and drag and drop the ARNZ-NZWN-Wellington folder into your community folder.


Complete runway, apron and taxiway replacements for entire airport. This features the distinctive ‘green’ sections at both the 34 and 16 ends.

Flatten for airport to ensure no runaway vehicles.

Reworked southern end to include rocks, outcrops and additional scenery highlights (this is why Japan scenery is required).

All tree types have been reviewed and in some areas replaced with a style and size more suitable for the area. At the 34 end trees have been replaced entirely, as has the golf course. These have been placed by hand as opposed to using autogen.

The taxiway network, islands and apron/ramp markings have been hand drawn to provide significant extra detail.

Night lighting has been added across all ramps and gates.

POI scenery items are included on approach, including static ships both in the harbour and entering it past barretts reef (adding the reef in on the 'to do' list. Note - the 'Caketin' and car ferry models have been removed to allow for other third party scenery mods to better integrate wit this enhancement.

Reviewed and improved water masks. 

Additional detail has been included across the western apron including the RNZAF facility.

Fire station and fuel depot area has been fully reworked with added detail and ground markings.

All gates have been included and now have operational Jetways. Ramps also include plenty of 'clutter'

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