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Update! MSFS2020 - EGKK Gatwick Airport Scenery , England - V.5.0 [4K]

Update 5.0 HUGE Update!
Complete remodel of Pier 6. big  improvement... PBR Brickwork and  yellow concrete painted Bollards
Pier 5 46-54  Brickwork and concrete Textures added
Touched up airbridge with PBR Metal Texture
PBR texture  Blue North Terminal building
and many more

Update 4.3
Detailing of Pier 1
New PBR Brickwork texture
Crash barriers improved using adaptive splines instead of basic mesh.. making them super smooth
Fixed GPU added to Pier 1 stands (WIP)
Height warning placards and phone/emergency stop posts
Lighting improvements using the correct masy type and heights
Boeing hanger planes changed to 737's.. no longer jump in and out of ground
Update 4.2
Definite improved performance
First experiments with PBR textures.. Pier 2 now has a test wall of PBR Bricks
Boeing hanger- Planes may pop up and down still. The 787 is a simobject  asset  in Developer mode.., not sure why they are popping up and down
Possibly doing it less now that i disabled snap to ground. The front area of hanger is showing Bing maps construction site of the hanger.. I will cover this with a thicker polygon later as the flat PBR plane i have positioned shows the the ground is not flat, even with a flattening polygon
Update 4.1- Package now reduced to 650MB... 
Now a bit more optimised compared to V4.0 . I tracked down what was causing the slowdown in performance facing the north terminal. It was the blue north terminal 3D  grid that i created to divide the blue panels.. This severely impacted performance. I have now removed the grid.. and performance has returned to V3 levels..
I will add a texture to the Blue terminal building later
Flickering stand plates fixed in the 130'and 140's.. 130'/140's Post type signage now share one modellib directory . and one model each for numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,0 and letters L/R..( I just have to go into and manually line each number up)  so these stands no longer have individual Model directories for each stand... 
Pier 6 night emission and glass colour better
Blast barrier red light now reduced with a custom blender light
North terminal Modelled better.. I found a great aerial photo online. The original blue north terminal building is in fact one large Building with a central raised section, and a narrow raised section in the front... This is the original entry/exit door area which is visible today on the ground floor.. 
V4.0 will be deleted from now
Update V4.0
Boeing Hanger added
Huge task done over the last day. Every single stand at Gatwick signage. All the way from stand 1 to stand 235L.
Taxiway lights added to several unlit taxiways for some reason in the default Gatwick Airport scenery (to which this mod is using for taxiways/runways and parking areas).. U,L,QA,K now have a blue taxiway light.
Pier 6 extension works added. Stand 109,111,110 now blocked. Taxiway Quebec  moved to access Taxiway Lima.. Taxiway light helpers for night-time added..
The version is not recommended for older computers.. due to detail... Almost every mast light location is included as observed in google maps. If you are experiencing low fps, please try an earlier version.
CAUTION Version 4 is approaching 1GB :) No pain No Gain
Update 3.4
Finally i worked out what was causing the flickering in pier 6. I had left panels behind the glass panes... I have worked my way through most of the airport... deflickering. Some small areas are left. The walkways connecting the satellite are also treated. But because of the cage grid enclosing them, from a distance you still get an interaction... this is probably antialiasing... so thats not a glass pane issue... just antialiasing.

Im adding subtle nightlighting emission from the glass panes... have to be really soft on this one, or else looks cartooney...until i learn texture baking, it will do.. The north terminal looks way better now... the lighting at night
A good result.. more tomorrow

Update 3.0
ILS Loc and GS Equipment models added
Custom Modelled Blast Barriers
Pier 2 HSBC Blocks now rescaled to wider
Satellite connection walkways tweaked
Church added South of airfield... Very distinctive landmark
Fire station Modelled from online photos and looking at Google earth top views
South Terminal Buildings beginning to take shape- more tweaking to be done
Bloc Hotel and Hilton Hotel added to South
Subtle nighttime emission lighting from glass
Satellite Windows tweak

North Terminal Buildings Next job

Extract folder into Community Folder as gatwick

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