Update! MSFS2020 - EGKK Gatwick Airport Scenery , England - V.7.9.5 [4K]

Version 7.9.5
  • Virgin Hanger- fits 747-400. Asobo 747-8 will not fit fully, 5 metres longer
  • A380 stand 558 added- jetways inop ATM
  • ATC tower lowered slightly
  • Added detail to airbridge ends
  • Added detail to 500's jetty stairwell pods on 500's
  • Pls Note.. some safedocks need adjustment on 552/553/557/558 due to rework
  • Glass Panel Hotfix Pier 2
    Version 7.9.4
    • Centre Line T bar end terminations on every pier stand
    • Gate 101 shifted and new centreline in place
    • Poliigon Concrete Blocks Generator 4K Textures for Pier 2 and airbridge supports. (more additions later)
    • More work on North Terminal added details and re levelling building heights using Google Earths NEW telemetry data as a visual reference aid
      Version 7.9.3
      • All Jetty Stands safedocks and stop markers for A320/747/787
        Version 7.9.2
        • Test Introduction of Stop Markings on
        • 13,15,17,19,21,23
        • Stand 23 is calibrated with its own safe dock
        • 13-21 are not yet calibrated and checked but with a bit of luck they will match with the safedock stop
        • This is particularly useful for the Dreamliner where visibility of the safedock disappears near stop point due to H.U.D and low windows. In VR you can duck to see the safedock but in normal 2D you can now finish the taxi on stand in external view and capture the stop marker
        • Fixed Green Flickering Taxiway Lights
        • Fixed aliasing Blast Barriers at end of Kilo
        • Fixed Taxiway crossing light illumination, now one way
        • Added Welcome Metalwork structure to North Terminal Roundabout
        • Package built after todays VR Sim Update
          Version 7.9
          • 81 Safedocks Now Calibrated
          • KA Taxiway sign put in correct place
          • Airbridge glass corrected in one area
          Version 7.8
          VR and Precision stand Guidence at the Gatwick Mod. V7.8 is here
          Airbus or smaller stands 140-145
          Pier 6
          Airbus or smaller 104,105,106,107,109,112,113,101
          747 or smaller 102
          Pier 2
          Airbus or smaller 10,11,12,13L/R,14,16,18,20,22,24,28
          747 or smaller 13M,15,17,19,21,23,27
          Dreamliners may be a bit tail out on 13M,15,17,19,21,23. But 747 are as snug as a bug in a rug
          stand 25,27 747 ASABIR (as snug as a bug in a rug)
          Pier 5
          Airbus or smaller 48L,49 L/R,, 50 L/R, 51 L/R,52 L/R, 54 L/R
          747 or smaller 49M,50,51M,52M,53,54M

          More waves of stands in V7.9..
          Any pilots with parking issues are very gratefully recieved, off centre line issues or tweaks i need to make to the stop points do let me know..

          Just left red light visible - Too far to left
          Just right red light visible - Too far to right
          Both red lights visible/flickering. Green and orange bars visible= dead centre
          AS the aircraft gets closer to stop point the size of the orange/green bars reduces and the red bar becomes visible.
          When the green/orange bars disappear, means STOP

          Version 7.7
          Merry Christmas
          Added Taxiway Green Lights
          Fixed airbridge mesh and adjusted escaltors
          Brickwork textures improved , less glassy.
          Xmas Theme with icicles, Rudolf and Santa, and a few snowman 26L/08R exit points..
          Temporary Theme until New year

          Version 7.6
          Helpful critical comment made in a youtube video 
          Smooth Shade Normal Autosmooth used extensively through airport to give smooth appearence to any round objects with lowered polygon count. i.e cones, posts, bollards, gpu cable and wheels, ecsalator in Pier 6.
          Roof Texture fixed on a roof in the North Terminal
          Reducing glassy reflections on brickwork... working on it

          Version 7.5
          -Optimised and added textures to ATC. Replaced complicated support structure with Corrugated Normal Map texture on simple cylinders.. 66% reduction in Model folder size. PBR texturing and carpets including the radar blades
          -Optimised Pier 2 Replaced Modelled facia with corrugated Normal map texture
          -Pier 6 Interior (stands 101-109) and airbridge escalator WIP. Zero Mesh (minimum), extensive PBR textured faces created by Blender knife and loop cuts on simple cube mesh..(WIP)
          -Changed most taxiway markings to a softer appearance using Alpha Clip Noise mask.. and disseminated meshes to minimum.
          -Premiere Inn mostly fixed texture interactions..
          -Added PBR textures to most roofs and added details (WIP).

          Version 7.4
          Maximum Optimisations complete.
          Absolutely fly's.
          Textures fixed.
          Platform texture at railway station improved.
          Completed taxiway markings (221)
          100% Mesh Optimised, The wavy wall was the last model, ended up being one of the biggest optimisations.. 30 sections total 30MB, now cleaned up.. total payload 3.4MB
          Stand 162 does not exist, now corrected to 160 L/MlR
          More textures added to roofs, now that i understand UV unwrapping..
          Updated Fixed GPU's
          Added Clutter to 50's
          Optimised and smoother crash barriers
          Name changed to 'Gatwick Airport EGkk Ultra' to avoid confusion
          So many other updates to write down i cant remember.
          I will now resume weekly schedule of updates every Friday.

          Version 7.2
          Highly Optimised
          Pretty much all the unnecessary mesh is gone.
          Almost everything is clean.. flickers are gone from satellite glass.. Textures all linked and working..
          Now i can carry on modelling the rest and improve it!

          Version 7.1
          Mesh Optimizations through out. 50-90% depending on model. Butter smooth
          Just a note, performance is so amazing i am rushing this out tonight
          Due to Elevation data changes in the new patch there's a man stuck in the concrete on platform 4.
          I have to tweak the heights of the moving train and one man several times in the SDK, and check it loaded in the community folder. The ground levels are not the same in the SDK as they are in the loaded package... so its trial and error..will be fixed
          Flickering glass in satellite will be fixed tomorrow.
          Enjoy the BUTTER!
          Sweeping Optimisations.
          Every EM stop/Stand Plate rescaled from blender and optimised through out whole airfield by using 2k texture instead of complex modelling layers. Gone from 400,000 triangle mesh per stand post down to 430 tris.
          Chocks optimised from 500kb to 25kb per chock.
          Cones optimised from 350kb+ to 43kb.
          One highly detailed golden chock left on stand 10.
          Now getting 40 fps in remote stands and 30fps looking at pier 2 (980ti/corei7 3770/16GB DDR3).
          Built and packaged after MSFS world update USA.

          Version 6.5
          Major Optimisation of Stand plates.. Texture now applied to a simpler model, for reduced load
          (still need to finish 170's and 200's over next day or 2)
          Extensive Taxiway turn point markings
          Major work in Pier 2, rescaled and now pretty much connected to terminal
          New stand plates for pier 2, now optimised
          170s stands signs moved further in, will be optimised soon

          Update 6.4
          Rebuilt package with rename to gatwick-modellib.BGL to prevent any conflicts with other community packages
          Slapped a metal plate on stand 11 to hide baked in Bing map square thats shows in both default Gatwick and V6.3
          Added more taxiway markings to Victor and Juliet areas

          Update 6.3 
          This includes Gatwick train station and 2 Southern Trains. One static near 26L Approach
          and another animated.
          More taxiway stand marking added
          Fixed Flickering yellow post near 21
          added detail to stand 27 jetway building
          Numerous other tweaks

          Update 6.2
          FPS Improvement when looking at pier 2
          South Terminal Dep Lounge roof steampunk WIP
          taxiway markings added on Lima

          Update 6.0
          Monorail North/south transit 
          Premier Inn
          Improvements to lighting and terminals

          Update 5.5
          Completely remodelled Pier 2. Its a beauty!

          Update 5.3
          Huge Update and progress with Glass. Now see through inside and out. Getting ride of emission textures is the aim. Satellite, pier 5 , pier 6 and airbridge all complete.. 
          More detail added to the roof of satellite
          Fixed double plug GPU, crash barriers and Emergency stop posts added to satellite

          Extract folder into Community Folder as gatwick

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