Update! MSFS2020 - Garmin GNS530 GPS Improvement Mod Pack - V.1.0.54

For those who love this old GPS I made some modifications that corrects some fs2020 bugs (especially this famous U-turn bug). Tested with the good carenado M20R.


                • - Bugfix: Fuel flow was not correct.
                • - Bugfix: Airport main runway direction was not correct for some airports.
                • - Bugfix: flight plan path may be bad with search and rescue patterns.
                • - Bugfix: wind direction not correct in case of magnetic deviation.
                • - Bugfix: C172 CDI button management (use now the new Asobo CDI management when available in the aircraft).


                • bugfix: the CDI was sometimes inverted
                • bugfix: switch NorthUp/TrkUp was not resizing correctly the maps
                • the OBS angle initial value is now taken from the HSI/CDI (depends of the aircraft)
                • pressing the ENT button while displaying the OBS angle changes it to the current DTK


                • bugfix: the messages were not refreshed correctly
                • bugfix: the correct leg was not reactivated after a direct to an approach WP
                • bugfix: the OBS path was not displayed in directTo if there was an empty flight plan.
                • bugfix: the directTo was not working correctly.


                • - Display OBS angle in CDI if OBS active
                • - bugfix: images not displayed or flicking in nearest pages
                • - bugfix: the from/to arrow in CDI was flicking or was not displayed
                • - bugfix: direcTo an approach waypoint removes the flight plan when reaching the target


                • Transition detection in pln


                • Compatibility with sim update 4
                • Weather radar calibration
                • Airspace message option disabled by default


                • bugfix: VSR (Vertical Speed Required) field was set to VS instead of VSR
                • bugfix: procedure map legs not well displayed when OBS is active
                • bugfix: frequency selection: missing last digit
                • bugfix: traffic display: bad altitude
                • bugfix: waypoint info symbol flickering
                • bugfix: Airport symbol orientation to the main runway
                • Added VS as a field
                • Added MSFSTrafficService compatibility 
                • Added config options to help debugging


                • bugfix OBS angle selection


                  • bugfix in spacing mode state saving
                  • Changed navigation group order (last is now nearest pages)
                  • Group navigation do not loop any more
                  • Adding OBS angle setting
                  • Bug fixing in spacing mode state saving


                  • compatibility sim update 3

                    V 1.0.27

                    • bugfix: Bug correction: freeze if menu items all inactive
                    • bugfix: Channel spacing was not responding to an external change
                    • bugfix: Flight plan import was producing CTDs with some waypoints linked to an airport

                    V 1.0.26

                    • bugfix: procedure map now updated only when needed (save fps)
                    • bugfix: weather radar and/or NEXRAD modes not updated correctly when switching between maps.
                    • bugfix: METAR menu may freeze the game.

                    V 1.0.25 Stable

                    • Fixed the CTD map issue when more than 4 maps
                    • GNS430 map is back in dual configuration (Cessna 172)
                    • Added a terrain map to the GNS430
                    • Added specific traffic NAV page to GNS530 and GNS430
                    • Changed word "TRAFFIC" to "TCAS" in map page
                    • Turning TCAS mode now automatically sets the range to 20nm if it was greater
                    • Bugfix: VNAV not working above 10000ft MSL
                    • Bugfix: Adding a waypoint at the last displayed position of the Flight plan was disabling the cursor

                    V 1.0.24

                    • Changed add waypoint and load flight plan code
                    • Load flight plan: the approach transition is now the best one instead of the first one
                    • Nearest airport frequencies always have 3 digits and the name is lowercase
                    • Nearest pages bearings are now displayed in magnetic north instead of true north
                    • Nearest airspaces: long airspace names were not displayed correctly
                    • Current loaded procedures now displayed in the procedure menu
                    • WPT pages: added duplicates management for VOR, NDB and intersections
                    • Added decoded METAR feature
                    • Map pages: adjusted waypoint label position
                    • Map NAV page: added traffic (TCAS) mode (see note below)

                    V 1.0.23

                    • Approach frequency automatically set to standby only if the current active frequency is different
                    • Official embedded and not modified MSFS files
                    • Saving some GPS states between sessions: Northup/TrackUp, Data display in Map page and Channel spacing.
                    • Bugfix: auto reactivation of approach after a directTO was not always working after update

                    V 1.0.22

                    • - Added real time METAR data (see note below)
                    • - Added a menu item in default NAV page for restating the GPS.
                    • - VOR/LOC standby frequency automatically set to ILS/VOR frequency when loading or activating approach
                    • - Added messages about airspaces (4 types of messages as described in the GNS530 documentation)
                    • - Added messages for missing departure and/or arrival airports
                    • - Last selected waypoint in map available for waypoint page
                    • - Changing some distance display in nearest pages (rounded)
                    • - Bugfix: selection mode blocked after activating an approach from procedure menu
                    • - Bugfix: incorrect database information may freeze the GPS when displaying a procedure map

                    V 1.0.21

                    • - Workaround for the MSFS issue with adding waypoints (see note below)
                    • - Prevent removing and adding procedure waypoints
                    • - Bug fix: distance for DME-only station was not displayed
                    • - Added a dedicated second MOD for managing config and loadable flight plans (see note below)
                    • - Last selected waypoint in map is available as default waypoint to insert in flight plan (insert from map)
                    • - Current leg can be removed from flight plan if not in NAV mode (blocked before)
                    • - Added a message if an approach is loaded but not activated less than 30nm from destination.
                    • - Bug fix: distance calculation on flight plan for some waypoints
                    • - More waypoints displayed in nearest intersection page

                    V 1.0.20

                    • Radar mode: switch now made by the ENT button
                    • Added a cursor mode in MAP NAV page
                    • Waypoint page frequencies: more space to display ILS runway
                    • Message “Invalid waypoint index” not displayed any more in case of direct TO
                    • Bug in init screen fixed
                    • Added flight plan load in GNS430
                    • Engine alert messages no more displayed (the GPS is not the place to display them)

                    V 1.0.18

                    • Added NEXRAD in map NAV page menu
                    • Added a config file
                    • Added weather radar as an option in the config file. See notes.
                    • Bug correction on procedures maps display

                    V 1.0.17

                    • Added initialization screen with software version
                    • Bug correction: freeze or CTDs when using a POI into the flight plan.
                    • Initialize flight plan on GNS430 at startup
                    • Added MSG button management. Only few messages available for now. More will be added.
                    • Bug correction on automatic detection of the GNS530 by the GNS4330 in cold and start mode

                    V 1.0.15

                    • Code cleanup and reorganization
                    • Added thumbnail for content manager
                    • Rebuilding of the selection waypoint page
                    • Added missing images for GNS430

                    V 1.0.14

                    • Compatibility with update code
                    • Bug correction in airport WP pages: the GNS freeze if selecting an empty menu (ex NONE in arrival transition)
                    • Bug correction: airspace status was not displayed correctly in near airspace page
                    • Bug correction: ILS name display overflow in VOR/COM part
                    • Near airspace list extended to 4 items
                    • Automatically disabling of GNS430 maps in dual 530/430 configuration (Cessna 172). This is because a MSFS bug causes a CTD if using more than 4 maps for the same aircraft.

                    V 1.0.13

                    • Disabling maps in gns430 since the sim only accepts a total of 4 maps by aircraft and crashes if there are more.
                    • Wind indicator in map page not displayed at the correct place when data was displayed
                    • Pushing ENT button on selected FPL waypoint displays the corresponding waypoint page
                    • Coordinates displayed with leading and trailing zeros
                    • While in direct To mode, another direct To target can be selected from FPL
                    • Waypoint selection: the CLR button displays the previous value
                    • Added Maps for approaches, STARs, SIDs and runways
                    • Waypoint pages rebuilt

                    V 1.0.11

                    • Better management of direct to an approach WP (manual approach reactivation not needed any more)
                    • Correcting some flight plan distances
                    • Few bug corrections

                    V 1.0.10

                    • Adding flight plan loading (see details)
                    • Adding wind indicator
                    • Correcting some flight plan distances

                    V 1.0.9

                    • Adding VNAV page (experimental)
                    • Adding night/day lighting in default NAV page menu
                    • Dynamic flight plan page
                    • DirectTo map leg larger
                    • Airspace lines thinner
                    • Adding a "cancel directoTo" item menu in DirectTo page

                    V 1.0.8

                    • Compatibility with MSFS update

                    V 1.0.7

                    • The CDI look and behavior conform to the original
                    • Added a BRG mark to the default NAV page compass
                    • Added a terrain map NAV page
                    • Always one decimal on DIS and XTK displays
                    • Radio part look conform to the original
                    • Changed colors
                    • Bug correction: activate approach not always working
                    • Bug correction: FPL leg updated after activating approach
                    • Some minor corrections

                    V 1.0.6

                    • First declutter level hides roads and airspaces
                    • DME distance correctly rounded
                    • LOC Radial not any more displayed as in the original GNS530. LOC name displayed instead (ex ILS RW 31).
                    • Adding compass in track up map mode
                    • Default NAV page is in track up mode by default
                    • Adding range levels to 2000nm
                    • Prevent changing the TRK field (like original GNS530) in default NAV
                    • Better management of the CLR button in NAV pages
                    • Map page completely rebuilt
                    • Frequency NAV page works now nearly like original GNS530
                    • Flight plan has now 7 lines instead of 4 (5 vs 4 in GNS430)
                    • Depart and destination now displayed in flight plan
                    • Flight plan columns conform to the original GNS530 (added DTK and changed order)

                    V 1.0.5

                    • Fixing the conflict when using 2 or more GPS in an aircraft
                    • Works now with Cessna 172
                    • Some small enhancements and bug corrections
                    • Modified GNS430 now included
                    • Adding TRK indicator

                    V 1.0.4

                    • Big mistake in v1.0.03 with track up half working
                    • The DirectTo behavior is now nearly similar to that of the native GNS530
                    • Adding toggle of map orientation in map menu (North up or Track up)
                    • Better management of the CLR button when inserting a waypoint
                    • Prevent add/removing of waypoints in approach sequence (for now)
                    • Bug correction: crash in load approach page when loading and there is no approach available
                    • Adding confirmation window when removing approach, SID, STAR or waypoint
                    • Removing approach, SID and STAR works by selecting the corresponding line on flight plan
                    • Less dependency from other Mods

                    V 1.0.2

                    • LOC/VOR correctly displayed in the VOR field following the captured frequency
                    • Setting 4 levels of declutter as the original GNS530
                    • Adding the range and declutter level in the NAV map (left bottom corner)
                    • Adding missing symbol files associated to waypoint, airports, etc...
                    • No more flicking pages (I hope)
                    • The NAV/COM page now works

                    V 1.0.1

                    • World4Fly Mod integration (Wrong radial and Rounded DME)
                    • NAV page now displays ETE to next waypoint instead of ETE to destination
                    • First release features:
                    • Better logic for approach loading and activation
                    • Correcting the crazy U-turn bug
                    • Activate leg now works on approach waypoints
                    • Better DirectTo management and possibility to Direct to an approach icao waypoint
                    • Bug correction when direct to an airport: it was then impossible to select an approach
                    • Remove approach is now working
                    • Activate approach is not selectable if not relevant (ex already activated or no approach)
                    • Display screen more readable
                    • Airport list: Correcting flicking bug and enhancing the view
                    • Adding a declutter level

                    Main features

                    • MSFS U-turn bug workaround
                    • North Up / Track up map modes
                    • Terrain Map
                    • Map cursor with waypoint selection
                    • TCAS (anti collision system)
                    • NEXTRAD weather data
                    • Better DirectTo management
                    • Weather radar
                    • Wind indicator
                    • VNAV page
                    • Dynamic flight plan distances
                    • Flight plan catalog and flight plan import
                    • Procedure maps
                    • METAR (with decoded option)
                    • GNS430 included
                    • State saved between sessions
                    • Message management
                    • Configuration file
                    • Startup screen
                    • Many graphical enhancements
                    • Night/day lighting


                    Unzip the file in your Community directory.

                    Approach loading and activation

                    The original logic for the loading and activating an approach has been changed. This is how it works now:


                    If you choose an approach and just loading it, it’s added to the fly plan but not activated. It’s then up to the pilot to activate it or not (activate approach in procs menu).


                    If you activate the approach before the last enroute waypoint, the autopilot continue to follow the route and automaticatically activate the approach after the last enroute waypoint. If you want to bypass the next enroute waypoint, do a direct to the first waypoint approach and then activate the approach.

                    If you activate the approach after the last enroute waypoint, the autopilot goes directly to the first approach waypoint (without U-turn!!!).

                    Note: If you set a Direct To, this automatically de-activate the approach.

                    Note: If you preset an approach from the FS2020 map, this one will be automatically


                    U-turn bug

                    This FS2020 bug probably made many of us crazy. It occurs when you select/activate an approach after the last enroute waypoint. Then the autopilot comes back to the last enroute waypoint before reaching the first approach waypoint.

                    The workarround to this bug implemented here is to remove all enroute waypoints in this situation. This is not a real problem since you already flew these waypoints.

                    Activate leg

                    Activate leg now works also in approach.

                    Direct to

                    The Direct To know works correctly and you can direct to an approach icao waypoint. These lasts are available without having to manually type them in the DirectTo FPL element list.

                    A DirectTo automatically de-activate the approach if there is one.

                    A direct to an airport removes all the waypoints of the fly plan except origin and (new) destination. When doing that it’s now possible to select an approach for the new

                    destination (bug correction).

                    Remove approach

                    This fearure was not working in the original fs2020 GNS530. Now it does.

                    Graphical enhancements

                    The display screen is more readable. The fonts weight has been turned to “normal” instead of “bold”.

                    The nearest airport list doesn’t flick any more and a separation line has been added between airports for better reading. I don’t know if this works like this in the real GNS530 but I took the responsability to do it (sorry for the purists if it’s not exactly like in real life).

                    A third declutter level has been added (declutter works by clicking the CLR button while in map view). I really don’t understand how the declutter works in fs2020 but it seems that there are 3 declutter levels depending of the zoom level. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

                    Activate approach is not selectable if not relevant (ex already activated or no approach).

                    File Size : 300 KB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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                    1. Love this mod! Any chance of adding an OBS & SUSP function in future? Very essential tool for sector entries and VOR/NDB intercepts / NPA's.

                    2. So I have to say I love the mod too. Just one problem I am having and I cannot figure it out to save my life. I first downloaded the new mod and unzipped it in my community folder and it worked great. This was on my set up at my house .
                      So the next day I go to work and I do the same exact thing. Step by step on my set up at work, and nothing:-(. I have taken everything out of my community folder (was not that much to begin with). I unplugged everything and did everything to troubleshoot. Does anyone have any ideas ?


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