Update! MSFS2020 - VNDP Dolpha Juphal Airport, Nepal - V.1.4 [HD]

These add-ons and materials have been added to our page with the written permission and request of the mod maker.
Dolpa Airport (IATA: DOP, ICAO: VNDP), also known as Juphal Airport is a domestic airport located in Juphal, Thuli Bheri serving Dolpa District, a district in Karnali Pradesh in Nepal. It is the only airport of the district.

The airport was upgraded in 2017, when the gravel runway was turned into a blacktopped runway. The airport resides at an elevation of 8,200 feet (2,499 m) above mean sea level.  It has one runway designated 15/33 measuring 663 by 30 metres (2,175 ft × 98 ft).

  • It was a very long job.
  • redone the apron
  • added items
  • added houses
  • redone the textures
  • entered the slope of the track
  • entered the slope of the village near the apron
    WHAT'S NEW IN V1.2
    • +fix again some height layer
    • +fix texture mismacht

      WHAT'S NEW IN V1.1
      • +build and texturing new main building
      • +build and texturing 6 type of local house
      • +rebuild all the shadaers arond airport
      • +build stone dam near the approch final
      • +add fence around airport area
      • +other things
      Mod Creator : Sergio Del Rosso
      File Size : 70 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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