MSFS2020 - AirlinersEnv - Flight Attendant Announcements Addon - V.0.1.1

Bush Trip / Mission that simply adds Flight Attendant announcements to your your commercial flight

Version 0.1.1

All announcements from boarding passengers to taxiing to runway

The new version 0.1.1 sets the mission file AirlinersEnv.spb to read only which allows you to save your AirlinersEnv.FLT file without loosing your flight attendant mission file.

Flight Attendant Announcements for commercial flights

Airliners Env version is Shareware but its components including the sound files are copyrighted material.

Copyright (c) 2020  by Hendrik Kupfernagel.

The idea is to load this mission to purely just trigger flight attendant announcements through your commercial flight. There is no other goal set. You can freely fly from any airport to any airport and enjoy the flight attendant announcements during your flight. Most of the announcements are triggered automatically but the 

object menu will always show you what the next announcement is what aircraft condition will trigger it. As for now all announcements and ambient sounds have been added to the mission to cover a flight from the gate (parking) to taxiing to the runway (18 sounds) for take off. In flight and landing announcement will be added in the next phase of implementation.

Also this software is still in development (beta) and more features and improvements will come down the road.

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