MSFS2020 - L35 Big Bear City Airport Scenery, California - V.1.1 [HD]

L35 Big Bear Airport is a challenging airport to fly out of. Located Next to the Lake at 6752.4 ft. You'll need to remember your 3 H's ( High, Hot, Humid) to successfully land and take-off. This is the perfect airport to fly in for an afternoon of fishing, kayaking, or grabbing some lunch at The Barnstormer Restaurant!

As all my mods, this one is not 100% accurate nor does it include every detail and building (This area is not a photogrammetry area currently). My attempt is to get these airports closer to their real world locations and to include some of the bigger landmarks pilots use and know when flying here. Please enjoy!

Mod includes:

(foxtrot-bigbear-l35 Folder)

- Custom Terminal (Big Bear Airport/Barnstormer Restaurant) with parking lot.

- Various custom hangars.

- Repaved aprons.

- Repaved Runway and updated markings (with patch marks)

- Custom Rotating Beacon.

- Custom Segmented Circle.

- Custom Cellular Antenna SW of the airport.

- Added parking spots.

- Added more pine trees around airport.

-Added Perimeter fence.

- Added a few photogrammetry style buildings around the airport at lower detail. 

- Added a few misc items to make it look more interesting. 


1. Exit Flight Simulator 

2. Extract "" and copy l35-aerial and foxtrot-bigbear-l35 folders into your "Community" folder

3. Restart MSFS and search for L35 (Big Bear Airport)

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