MSFS2020 - C172 Skyhawk G1000 Handling and Performance Mod - V.0.5.1

Important note: IF YOU START THE ENGINES FROM DARK AND COLD, THEN USE FULL RICH OR AT LEAST 50%  MIXTURE, ELSE THE AIRCRAFT WILL "JUMP". This is because the RPM peaks to over 4.500! while starting lean for a very brief moment. I cannot prevent this without lowering the power of the engine back to standard values.

The mod changes some values in the aircraft´s config files.

Vanilla aircrafts lacks in power. Now you can actually make short-field take-offs with maximum take-off weight.

Also you can see approximately POH climb values, even at high altitudes. Vanilla aircraft was 25% and more off on the lower side.

In static full power run-up you should now see a little more than 2.300 rpm, like the POH states.

You still have to lean even under 3.000 ft. Just always use static full power run-up before take-off and lean for max rpm.

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