Update! MSFS2020 - LEMH - Menorca Airport Realistic Ground Scenery, Spain - V.1.3 [HD]

3D real buildings are not modified from MSFS, the purpose of this scenery is to have real taxiing and ground mouvements following real charts, for realistic navigation on ground.


Fixed bug of runway surface. Correction of TWY D. Package put back in a simgle folder.


Correcting position of the aircraft when starting game from the runway.


changes on ground markings and apron adjustements. File size optimization.

What's there:

Re-modeled to be as in real world / current AIP for:

- taxyways naming

 - taxiway signs- ground textures and markings (runway and taxiways)

- gates name, with basic jetways

- apron lighting

- taxiway lighting

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