Update! MSFS2020 - LEPA - Palma de Mallorca Airport Scenery, Spain - V.2.3 [HD]

Adds some realism to LEPA - Palma de Mallorca (PMI / Son Sant Joan / Baleares)

This model has real taxiing and ground mouvements following real charts.


Minor corrections - minor twy corrections. Parking gates renamed to be accessible as "gates" after landing.


Minor corrections - Everything compiled in one package (no common anymore) for compatibility with scenery managers.


Minor corrections - bugs from 2.0 (Jetway disconnected, wrong runway placement at start-up on runway)


Terminals in the south and central part have been added, looking like the real ones. 

What's there:

Re-modeled to be as in real world / current AIP for:

- taxyways naming

 - taxiway signs- ground textures and markings (runway and taxiways)

- gates name, with basic jetways- apron lighting- taxiway lighting

- Main buildings (nothing inside), south and central apron gates

Not included in the scenery:

- buildings in the north apron 

- No fancy 3D objects 

- vehicule roads not modelized in details

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