MSFS2020 - LGAL Alexandroupolis Dimokritos Airport Scenery, Greece - V.1.1

This is Alexandroupolis Dimokritos Airport LGAL in northeastern Greece. The airport was built in 1944. In 1955 it became an international airport whereas the current buildings and runway were constructed in 1975. The airport was named after Democritus, the ancient philosopher born in Abdera. The main airlines that operate to the airport year-round are Aegean Airlines (as Olympic) and Sky Express. In the summertime, there are many charter flights to Alexandroupoli, from Germany, the UK, Austria, and many more.


Simply drag and drop the "lgal" folder from the .zip to your MSFS Community folder.



-Corrected PAPI lights
-Corrected Runway starting positions
-Boarding stairs for each stand should be working
-Improved taxiway lines on the apron

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