MSFS2020 - Glasgow Scotland Landmarks - V.1.0 [High Resolution]

As requested by a few people here's my first attempt at bringing Glasgow into FS2020. The area covered is a fair chunk of the city, maybe a slightly larger area covered than my Edinburgh scenery was. As such its quite a big download and may or may not give you an FPS hit depending on the power of your set up. The level of detail is the same as my Edinburgh scenery.

With Glasgow I decided to blend the ground texture of the Google maps photo telemetry with the sims own default ground and road texture. It does make the scenery merge into the surroundings much better but the down side is you run into trouble with bridges and raised roads. I know you can raise or lower the default terrain but it looks odd when you do that with water textures. As such there's a few areas where the river Clyde runs over low lying bridges slightly and where motorway flyovers have the photo telemetry road texture showing through. Its not an easy problem to solve as far as I can see. Still, it looks a lot better than the autogen version of the city. 

🔰GPS Coordinates: 55.86318, -4.25100

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